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'The Healthcare Industry Will Be Advertising Tonight': Sanders Calls Out CNN for Airing Pharma Commercials During 2020 Debate

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/31/healthcare-industry-will-be-advertising-tonight-sanders-calls-out-cnn-airing-pharma


Sanders and Warren did great given that this was little more than a set-up to attack them. As a working class American I found the format and questions of this so-called debate insulting. A line-up largely of conservative nobodies and questions that seemed to be written by insurance lobbyists and the crew at FOX. Sanders and Warren are front-runners backing issues and carefully worked out programs that have majority support and are far from radical. They and we deserve better.


And the downward spiral of dumbness continues…


cnn used to have a contact form you could fill out for comments and complaints…I couldn’t find it, not anywhere but they called themselves truthtellers…WTF…


Did you feel that Progressive energy tonight?

Sanders/Warren v. Trump/Pence is the race America wants, and needs, in 2020!

I think Sanders/Warren would DESTROY Trump/Pence! DESTROY!


True, and that’s why the DNC will never let it happen, as it will bring to the forefront the contrast between conservatives and progressives.
The last thing in the world that Tom Perez wants is the views of the actual democratic electorate to steer the Democratic Party. I mean, those people that want single payer, legal abortion, gun control, infrastructure spending, legal pot, are anti war, and want a green new deal are, to the Clintonite Third Way crowd, pie in the sky hippies.
I say, give us some pie.


Are we Ameri-cans, or are we Ameri-can’ts?
To listen to the establishment democrats, it is clearly the latter.


Sign a progressive petition that puts the DNC on notice: We will not settle for anything less than an authentic progressive nominee!



Wow, it was wonderful to see Bernie & Liz in a tag team match with their Republican colleagues.

The Corporate Conservative Dems were no match for the astute humane true Progressive Democrats.

It was depressing to watch a Debate between 2 brilliant Democrats and 8 clueless politicians.

Why the hell are those Conservative Democrats giving Bernie and Liz a hard time about a Progressive Agenda?

It was bad enough that the CNN commentators were asking loaded questions about raising taxes on the Middle Class, but it was excruciatingly painful to listen to so-called Dems talk about taking a slow train to nowhere.

Obviously in a true serious debate where the candidates have amble time to respond to questions and properly explain their position, the Progressive Wing of the Party would pulverize the Right Wingers promoting the Status Quo.

BERNIE - LIZ - 2020


I watched as much as I could stomach. It was a sad day when the League of Women Voters walked away in disgust rather than capitulate to D/R demands, which, if adopted, it stated would “constitute a fraud upon the voting public.”

It was a sad day, but a good call, judging by last night’s flustercluck.


I watched as much as I could stand on Youtube because I missed the live debate. Youtube would suddenly cut off a candidate in mid sentence to hit you with a commercial. After several minutes of skipping ads and trying to remember what the candidate was talking about after the rude interruptions, I gave up. I would guess this was an intentional corporate tactic to keep us from watching.


Those clueless politicians are figuring they will have a shot at the vice present nomination when Biden is nominated. It is all about power, not solving problems.

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CNN’s primary “truth” is advertising revenue $'s.

Everything else is done to support that.


Imagine these debates without Bernie Sanders?
There would be almost no one to speak for the people and their needs –

And, I’ll add Elizabeth Warren because she’s adopted most of Bernie’s positions.
We’d be totally in the hands of fascists.

What would we all give to return to the days of FDR’s New Deal REGULATION of

Unregulated capitalism is merely organized crime –

And actually, capitalism is suicidal as we see from Global Warming.


I would love to sign the petition, but that site is always screwed-up. Every time I’ve gone there, it has petitions on top of each other, so you have no idea what you’re really signing.

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Affirm – just had similar problems there.

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Don’t worry - in our nonrepresentative government, most are filed in the waste basket. Send a check for a couple of million with it and you “might” get somewhere.

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Yes, except the DNC will destroy them first!


What a great team to knock the hell out of Trump/Pence. Either one on top is ok with me.

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Perspicacious post! The best one I have read on this thread.