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The Hearts of the People


The Hearts of the People

About 50 members of a dwindling KKK, several swastikas in tow, marched on the South Carolina statehouse this weekend to protest the demise of the Confederate flag, the stealing of "our heritage," and the inexorable changing of the times, which clearly frightens them. They were met by a larger crowd of black activists and others insisting that "a lot more work needs to be done" in an America that "is still a racist nation."


A couple days ago, I saw a large pickup trucks flying as large US flag and a large confederate flag with the Gadsden (“Tea Party”) “Don’t tread on me” snake superimposed on it. This was in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, and no, I had never seen any confederate flags flown around here until that incident.


They’ve been doing that around here too- flying some big ole confederate flag off the backside of their run-down, beat up, barely running pick-up truck. They also tend to drive real fast… They ain’t skeered are they? One got stuck behind me in a no-passing zone. I made sure I didn’t exceed the speed limit. Dude didn’t like it,tailgated me and kept “revving his engine”, I assume he was trying to intimidate me into driving faster. Didn’t work.


The “beat up” look of those pickups (along with the deafening noise of the “power stroke” diesels in them) is just for redneck-chic looks. The drivers of these trucks - and Tea Party membership in general are typically comfortable bourgeois suburbanites - typically small business managers and supervisors, They are not poor white people and don’t speak for poor white people. It’s all a clever show - part of their strategy to turn class conflict on it’s head - and it is important to expose it as such.


I imagine too they’d never consider flying their flag off the backside of their shiny new 1-ton, diesel duelly for fear that some pissed off, offended person might throw a rock, or run a key down the side…


Must be an email sent thru the grapevine.

We just had a beat up multicolor green chevy pickup cir 1950’s
show up here in New Mexico a little over a month ago running
the same dumb profile. 2 flags staked to the rear bed of the truck.
Flying up and down the road along the river valley making himself seen.

Kinda had to rethink stupid.


I like Stroman’s sweatshirt! :blush:


The truck I saw was in reasonable shape.


I’m up in the NW corner of Washington state and saw the same thing the other day. Big black pickup with a huge confederate flag flying from a staff in the truck bed. Three or four big roustabouts in the cab.


I’m south of you a bit (near Ft Lewis) and haven’t seen anything here like that. Thank heaven.


My husband did his basic training at Ft. Lewis. :grinning:


Looks more like something you’d be more likely to see on the other side of the Cascades - maybe Yakima or Spokane.


Let’s hope!


This area of Washington State is beautiful. Both Mt Rainier and Mt St Helens are in this area.


Yunzer, that’s very true. East of the Cascades ia a totally different world.