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The Here and Now Dangers of 'Standing Down' and 'Standing By' for Donald Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/15/here-and-now-dangers-standing-down-and-standing-donald-trump

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Why is it just about everyone that supports Trump is a total and complete ASSHOLE?

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We hope Biden will finally renounce hare-brained, militarized policies that destroy societies

Like the Proud Boys, Foxy News and people like Alex Jones ?

“What’s the alternative beyond simply trusting that everything will turn out okay?”

Armchair quarterbacking populist movements Isaac has zero connection with, evidently:

“Now is the time for Protect the Results to take its mission to the next level…[A] lot has changed since November 5. And it is important for this group to have a much stronger public presence and make a much clearer effort to explain its intentions.”

You heard me, fellow defenders of democracy! Wave those pro-Biden pom-poms - er…‘anti-Trump’ pom-poms, I meant - with more “public presence”! You! - pom-pom waver number three - GET that ‘M4A’ logo off your chest, or you’re a Trump-lovin’ Putin stooge!

“The Here and Now Dangers of ‘Standing Down’…for Donald Tru-”

-of progressives talking about U.S. healthcare and not the about-to-happen fascist coup by the scawyTwump monster!

I am not sure I agree with Mr. Isaac’s main point about mass demonstrations. He seems to be ambivalent about this, though, because he also asserts that we must stand back and let the election (and inauguration) process finalize. I agree with the tenor of the article, but I think that large, high-visibility demonstrations by progressives and democrats could be targeted by the domestic terrorists, and we would be in just the place where we don’t want to be, with martial law an option for Cheeto.
I think that Stand Up America are being very shrewd and savvy about what kind of activities they are calling for. Their main focus now, is to write letters to voters in Georgia, to get them motivated. The only thing wrong with that is that they are not indicating whether or not all of these voters (they will send you a list of ten voters, ten list maximum) are democratic. I assume that they are.
I think there are things we can do right now. One is to gradually exclude right-wingers from our lives, whether it be work, school, family or otherwise. We’ve got to start making life hard on them to show we are serious. Don’t even think about negotiating with them.
Also, keep an eye on any local right-wing groups to monitor any potential illegal activities. Although the F. B.I. is watching them, we can do our part, as well.
What we should not do at this time is to provide them with any sort of target. Let this be between them and law enforcement. If we get caught in the middle, we will be under suspicion, too.
We’ve got to have faith in law enforcement to do the right thing and take a strong and consistent stance against right-wing militant groups. We created our societal structure for times like these. Let’s just use it to its best effect, instead of interceding. We have to send a clear message to law enforcement just who the enemy of society is.