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The Hidden Bombshell in the Comey-Trump Story


The Hidden Bombshell in the Comey-Trump Story

Peter Certo

How can you tell an authoritarian when you see one? We know the 20th century hallmarks — brown shirts, street rallies, and the like. But there’s an autocratic attitude, some historians suggest, that can easily be traced across the centuries.


There are likely thousands of experts who can give us hundreds of credible reasons why Trump “should be fired”.

Seeing how GOP Congresscritters need Trump’s base to vote for them in 2018 and beyond there is zero chance that the GOP controlled Congress is going to lift a finger to make that happen and they hold all the cards.


And now we have this author “revealing” that Trump is up in arms about leaks and investigations, now that he’s the target. I never saw that coming.

No, wait, I actually did that coming. Me and millions of my friends. We all saw it coming.


Anyone believing any part of the fake “Russia did it” hysteria should read the following article carefully. Its cold analysis sheds light not only the present story, but on much else in our very confused world:



Wow! Quite the expose, well written and explained in an accessible way, for most anyway. Everyone needs to read this piece!


I’ve written many times Russia is not the enemy. But the greedy at the top have eyes on Russia’s vast resources, never thinking that to use these will doom humans. Or a war with Russia which is being manufactured in the MSM and elsewhere too.


They are certainly not friends of ours. Putin is a dictator who has an agenda to regain the old soviet union’s power and empire. If you think the old KGB agent is a friend of ours, you are not facing reality. Something trump doesn’t deal in either.
And just because the US behaves badly doesn’t mean the russians don’t behave badly also. Both have empires they wish to impose upon the world.


Try again. Clovis. For all to see the REAL truth behind this link, go to:


Journalistic Ethics and Norms: How legitimate is The Centre for Global Research?

Also known as The Centre for Research on Globalization and Mondialisation.ca.

It is by no means an objectively reliable media source. The articles, videos, and other media it puts forth are highly skewed and often factually inaccurate.

Some people have been quoting it as a legitimate source, but it has very strong ties to an organization known for churning out blatant propaganda.

The Centre for Research on Globalization, also known as the Centre for Global Research and Mondialisation.ca is a fascist/Kremlin-funded propaganda outlet that defames and slanders their targeted groups such as Jews, Ukrainians, the United States, and other western countries


I’m following my Democratic friends closely. People I know who are bright, educated and reasonably well-read. And I’ve never seen them like this. Ever. And some of these relationships go back more than 30 years. And it’s the exact same thing I saw with my conservative friends years ago when their media started having the same “tribal crazy” effect on them. the rise of Limbaugh and the like.

This entire snowball is Hillary Clinton’s doing. All of it. I’ve detested that thing for a couple of decades, but I’ve never thought she was a psychopath or, frankly, evil.

I don’t think that anymore. This is arguably the most destructive politician in my lifetime. And that’s a high bar to clear.


Check out the source of this link, why dontcha.


The hackneyed 'blame Hillary" meme. And corporations and big money like the Koch Brothers had little influence on the current miasma?


We both know your partisan devotion to Democrats trumps everything else. So to speak. There’s simply no point. Take your shot back and move on. Anything else is pointless.


At this point in time and under the leadership of Putin since Yeltsin died and the USSR broke up in 1990-91, Russia IS, HAS BEEN, and WILL CONTINUE TO BE THE ENEMY. They are far more dangerous than they were during the Cold War but with less money with which to work, so use of Cyber attacks and other technological maneuverings is far more economical and lethal. Or are you not a very old hippy?


My devotion is to the TRUTH. And I was a Bernie Sanders delegate and knew that I had to cast my vote for HRC knowing that Trump was a far greater danger to our country, which has proven to be the case.

You move one, drone.


They kinda of had me until they said " This time the accusation is “interference and attack on the US presidential election” with no evidence of wrongdoing or vote manipulation whatsoever."

Excuse me gerrymandering is vote manipulation, cross checking, precincts close in areas of poverty/brown=black precincts, really restrictive voter ID laws. There is not a appreciable amount of voter fraud but abuses of allowing voters to vote are heavy.


I kinda of like you, not sure I can go as far as you did as I held my nose and voted for her.


Breaking news outside prosecutor. republicans are getting what they want, total control of US w/o Trump.


Oh yes, this Alt-Left author is a fucking genius…

This from another article by that same author

Eventually people may ask why the establishment unanimously abhors Trump across party divisions which are otherwise unbridgeable. Even if he is a caricature of American privilege and self-promotion, who else could fight the corrupt corporate-state and media establishment? Who else could ever get public support from dispossessed masses and from inside the Republican Party base itself? Who else could take on the supra-dominant corporate interests of the war state, drug monopoly, health insurance racket, lobby-run foreign policy, off-shore tax evasion, and global trade with only corporate rights to profit taking jobs in the tens of millions from home workers, and still hold a large and right-wing voter base onside?

One giant cluckster cluck.


Let’s just add this little gem too:

But, as we know, it’s all just a distraction.


You did the right thing given the circumstances. Don’t feel bad about it. I feel less so as everyday moves forward. Trump may or may not go, but his Supreme Court appointment will be felt for decades.