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The Hidden Structure of U.S. Empire


The Hidden Structure of U.S. Empire

Nicolas J S Davies

My father was a doctor in the British Royal Navy, and I grew up traveling by troop-ship between the last outposts of the British Empire - Trincomalee, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Malta, Aden, Singapore - and living in and around naval dockyards in England and Scotland.


And all this time, here I thought America was bringing freedom and happiness to all the world.


The empire has not been very well hidden since the end of WW2, and certainly the U.S. wars in Southeast Asia. And it never has been hidden from its victims and those it oppressed and oppresses. It’s just that the vast majority of people in the U.S. have looked away, denied its existence or enthusiastically supported the capitalist imperial project.

Now that they’re too are thrown on the ash heap, they Tweet and Whine and pretend that Democrats or fascist troglodytes like Trump will save them. We are not even an adolescent nation. We are infantile.


I love the specificity, the precision, and the clarity of this article. It’s utterly and completely terrifying in its credibility.

I’d love it if I could convince my liberal friends to read it, but they are too busy rubbing off over the prospect of imperialist Elizabeth Warren as president.


Well, your progressive friends have been screaming, " War porn doesn’t work for me " ( the rubbing part ) for 5 decades or more.
Unfortunately, the screaming has been interpreted to be the sounds of ecstasy rather than agony. Maybe they think we’re speaking in tongues, eh Flapdoodle64?
We should probably work on our collective interpretive skills, methinks.


Well there is a long list of other "progressive"and neoliberal Dem imperialists - including Bernie - to support, so you should have a lot of alternatives for them.


I have no idea what you were trying to say bro.


I’ve no doubt that the author of _Blood on our Hands,_is all too well aware
of playwrite Harold Pinter’s observation that when it comes to American imperialism: “it’s not happening.”
Leaving little hope for “world outrage” at the imprisonment of Julian Assange,
while the “truth will make us free” (Jn.8.32), it never did have an easy time of
it in this world.


Thanks for the specifics here. It’s often alluded to and most people believe the USA is meddling in other nations affairs. but the installation of compliant regime change has a long history, from Iran, through Chile and in the MENA states today. Somehow it always looks like the US gets defeated a la Vietnam and now Syria but probably the mess they leave behind actually suits their modus operandi.


“Since 2001, the US has been more ready than ever to attack or invade other countries at will, with no regard for US or International law, and to kidnap or extradite people from around the world to face imperial retribution in US prisons or courts.”
This is also one of the many large benefits of the false flag 9/11. After this event, all the Empire had to say was we’re going after the terrorists that attacked us, and most of the people were on board. This event was so horrifying, even people with critical thinking skills still believe this today.


Doesn’t sound any of the people with critical thinking skills I know. Maybe you need to revise your standards…


Excellent article and I look forward to reading Ethnographies of US Empire.


I would argue that if one believes that America has your best interest at heart. That maybe your critical thinking button has gotten stuck. I know many critical thinkers and not one of them I know believes America is trying to uplift it’s people much less people of the world. KILL THIS SYSTEM!. If we do not take this system down , it will kill us all.


Excellent article. Reminded me of Arundhati Roy’s good book Empire.


“The U.S.’s system of “managed democracy” or “inverted totalitarianism” concentrates ever-growing wealth and power in the hands of a corrupt ruling class, increasingly subjecting the American public to the same “exploitation without redress” as the U.S. empire’s foreign subjects and preventing us from tackling serious or even existential problems.”

Empire has come home to us here in the US. It’s been here, hidden for many, for quite some time. Now, how do We the People address this “exploitation without redress”, and I would add "Fake “Democracy” without representation? How do We the People reclaim and assert our own sovereignty and dignity in the places where we live? How do we at the center of the Empire break it?


The demolition of building 7 should have blown the lid off the 9/11 false flag and yet people still believe that we were attacked because of our freedoms.

Never before has a building pancaked from fire and that’s not the only thing that shows it’s a false flag event. The women across the pond said that it had collapsed 20 minutes before it did and while she was showing a picture of it standing.

Then there’s that guy who said, “pull it” just before they did. Watch.

BTW. When will common dreams fix its comment section so that replies show up under the original comment? This can’t be that difficult to fix.


This is a good question and you are not alone in asking it. Many of my friends have been asking what we can do to take the country from our captured government. Feel free to visit us here…



The history of the US has been empire building. We’d take a country and put a friendly dictator in place. Didn’t like a government, overthrow it and put a friendly dictator into place. Repeat until you have an empire. An empire that needs a huge military and bases all over the world to defend. And if necessary, overthrow ex-friendly dictator.
Want something like a canal, take it by funding a revolution. Want sugar cane and pineapples cheap, enslave the people of countries that can grow them. Rubber, bananas, etc, no problem, just put a dictator in and force the people to work in the fields for you. Keep the people poor, train the dictator’s army and police force, arm them well. Teach the secret police how to torture so that any discontent can be scared into silence.
Viola, your empire has been built and maintained.
That is one of the things that trump doesn’t understand about why we have our forces all across the world and spending our money. We do it to maintain our empire across the world. Stop spending our money and having forces everywhere and the empire collapses. And he is clueless. Destroy that empire and all of his overseas holdings could be in danger. Of course he has Putin to bail him out.