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The Hidden Villain of Global Warming—The Pentagon

The Hidden Villain of Global Warming—The Pentagon

Gar Smith

During the November 15 Democratic Presidential Debate, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders sounded an alarm that "climate change is directly related to the growth of terrorism." Citing a CIA study, Sanders warned that countries around the world are "going to be struggling over limited amounts of water, limited amounts of land to grow their crops and you're going to see all kinds of international conflict."

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The boot of the US military not only leaves a huge carbon footprint, but it also spreads depleted uranium throughout war zones creating another kind of environmental disaster, and we cannot forget that it also is intertwined with the other greatest threat to humanity, nuclear weapons.


Commercial aviation hasn’t figured out how to replace oil as fuel in planes and commercial shipping hasn’t figured out how to replace oil for fuel for ships. And neither has the Pentagon figured out fly its planes without using oil or sail its ships without using oil. The Pentagon has also has not figured out how to run tanks without using oil just has trucking companies have not figured out how to run trucks without oil. In many instances the technology does not yet exist for the Pentagon to reduce emissions. Of course, where the technology does exist, such as using solar power for electricity the Pentagon should use it.

Ironically, most of the Pentagon’s oil is consumed in operations directed at protecting America’s access to foreign oil and maritime shipping lanes. In short, the consumption of oil relies on consuming more oil. This is not a sustainable energy model.

… and it has been ever thus since Churchill took the British navy off coal, replacing it with Middle East oil … a bit over 100 years ago … thus World War One was born … and the rest, as they say, is history …

The obvious solution is to simply dismantle the military. A US military a tenth the size if the current one would still be more than adequate to defend out borders.

Regarding the other things - limited range battery-electric ultra-light and light-sport class airplanes and powered gliders are available for recreational flying - but such planes will never be scalable to the size, range and nothing close to the speed, of modern airliners. On a commercial scale there is simply no replacement for liquid hydrocarbon fuel for aircraft - it is just one of the ways that the Religion of Technological Advancement will be rudely awakened by the Laws of Physics (as I discussed in that “mining asteroids” thread) Every other aviation energy source conceivable is too heavy or too bulky except perhaps some kind lightweight unshielded nuclear reactor - to say such a thing would be unsafe is an understatement.

Regarding ships, a return to technologically improved sailing ships is possible. Already, in order to economize on fuel, many large container ships are sailing at slower speeds that are hardly faster than the most advanced clipper ships and windjammers could go.

The fastest form of transportation in a future world will be rail or maglev on land. They can be electrically powered by clean sources.

I for one will welcome a slower-paced world and the especially the kind of economic system that would be required in such a world…


The logic of Mars rules: make wars in pursuit of the oil needed to pursue wars.

And then this: Nothing says National Security more than allotting to the most dangerous entities, the right to do as they please:

“(Also exempted from pollution regulation: all Pentagon weapons testing, military exercises, NATO operations and “peacekeeping” missions.)”

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Since it’s been some time since I posted this timeless wisdom, this article raises an apt opportunity to remind readers of the spiritual cost (and component) to the M.I.C.'s global “endeavors” and what they wreak in the form of blow-back that is spreading ruin from sea to shining sea… in the Middle East:

The following is quoted from a speech that Guru Yogananda gave to a United Nations assembly back in l949. The individuals who sat in were leaders who, having felt the raw impact of war, were humbled enough to listen to spiritual wisdom:

"Partial dissolution of the world is brought on by the evil activities of people. If we all begin to fight with explosives, by this direct action we can reduce–drastically–the extent of civilization.

"God has given mankind the power of destruction as well as the power of creation. We have made the world beautiful, and we have the power to destroy it. When we desecrate the world, the environment undergoes a violent change; and this is termed partial dissolution

"Such upheavals have occurred many times in humanity’s evolution. One well-known example is Noah’s flood. These partial dissolutions are due to the wrong actions, and ignorant errors of too many persons.

"Don’t think that man’s actions have no effect on the operation of His cosmic laws. Everything that has happened throughout the ages is recorded in the ethers.

“The vibrations of evil that mankind leaves in the upper ethers upset the normal harmonious balance of the earth and her systems. When the earth becomes very heavy with disease and evil, these etheric disturbances cause the world to give way to earthquakes, floods, fires, and other intensive disasters.”

THAT is what’s happening now.

I am providing a link to a documentary that compiles–through powerful camera footage–the intensity and frequency of all of the “dissolutions” that are now so undeniably underway.

Meanwhile, the make-war establishment/MIC seeks to spread yet more conflict, and sell yet more weapons, while cannibalizing funds that should go to a GENUINE benign form of “national security.”

Here is the link:

And the previous month’s compilation:


Other fossil fuel FREE technologies are known, have been tested, and are efficient. The Oil cartel is holding back these technologies because its own interests would be threatened (Note how Exxon funded anti-climate change propaganda for 30+ years to ward off the “truth that would set them free”) and enormous changes to the vast majority of post-industrial age infrastructure would have to be radically devised (and expensively implemented).

One way to view history is by noting how often it is that established interests intent upon preserving any existing status quo (and these typically favor a small percentage of any given population pool) protocols THWART the capacity of inventors, innovators, new thinkers, and revolutionaries to enact PROGRESSIVE changes.

The calculus still largely boils down to this scenario.

You seem to always be glorifying the military or trashing Bernie Sanders. Time to wake up.

Right on. The Buddha said “greed, hatred and ignorance are everywhere”. The question is: do we care about our children?

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Thanks for the links, Siouxrose. As I’ve said before, “Mother Nature is coming and boy is She pissed!”

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Somebody needs to ask Bernie Sanders what kind of MPG his trillion-dollar F-35 gets.

Feel the after-burner!

I believe the US military is basically defending dozens of countries besides the US so reducing the military to one tenth its size does not seem to be a possible solution. However, certainly the US military buildings can be made much more energy efficient and solar and wind can be used for electricity in many places. I guess meat and dairy in the menus for military personnel could be reduced which would cut emissions. Lighter planes and ships could be a possibility. If graphine can replace steel that would greatly reduce the weight of planes, ships, and land vehicles. I think there are a number of things that can be done to reduce emissions even if the size of the military is not greatly reduced in the future.

Just about everything concerning the Pentagon is hidden - their complete budget, how many people they kill, even their recent gunship attack on a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Afghanistan in which many people were murdered and the Pentagon tried to cover up its crime by ramming the hospital afterward with a tank, an incident that should be getting as much coverage as the Paris attacks.

Lrx. You should check your facts. The uS is not defending dozens of countries it is interfering in them on behalf of the MIC & OIL companies!