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The High Cost of Trump's Infrastructure Plan


The High Cost of Trump's Infrastructure Plan

Ben Lilliston

While campaigning, then-candidate Donald Trump promised a big, beautiful $1 trillion infrastructure initiative—though its actual contents and who would pay for it were never revealed. When President Trump announced the plan's details last month, the initiative was considerably smaller, and a lot uglier, than expected.


strange, I thought it was urban areas that would suffer most under Trump’s plan.
Cities depend on transit and no private investment is likely there as it cannot make money. His plan cuts new transit starts programs that metro areas need, short-cuts environmental protections in cities where they are most needed, eliminates long distance Amtrak services that connect American cities, and apparently withdraws Federal support for needed rail tunnels under the Hudson River without which NY and NJ would suffer much economic and environmental harm. But those areas didn’t vote for Trump so being the vindictive bully, he wants to hurt that urban area most of all.


Ironically, the very rural voters who strongly supported Trump, are probably going to be shafted by his policies. Once these boondoggles are built, once privatization occurs, once the water resources are degraded, the money will have been spent; and the investors will get their expected returns; and rural America will be stuck with the outcomes for a very long time.

This administration is doing permanent damage to this country. This will not be mentioned on Fox News, nor by the metastasizing Sinclair Media malignancy outlets. By the time the masses realize they’ve been had, it will be too late to reverse it. The carnival and its con men will have left town with the people’s wealth.


Not only will that investor class have left town with the peoples wealth , but under various legal means the people will have to pay them into perpetuity for leaving.

A case in point is the Countries in Africa. The Colonial powers plundered those nations for their wealth and all profits flowed out of the country and into their coffers. When those African Countries finally gained independence they were instructed to pay for all of the infrastructure the Colonial powers built and many of those Countries are still doing so.

If those revenues are not forthcoming, a coup is orchestrated.


When the dotard has finally given everything that can possibly provide a profit for the 0.001%, by purchase and charges, or by purchase, dismantling and or sale of vital services, we shall all, regardless of race or heritage become what the 0.001% have wanted since Teddy and FDR curbed the Guilded Age; homeless, hungry, sick and exhausted serfs of the Oligarchy, doing what we are told for whatever the Oligarchy is willing to pay, for as many hours per day as ordered. When we are worn out or injured, they will just throw us away and hire a new starveling to do the work until also worn out.
*This is not the kind of future any of us want, but until we work together to change it, it is probably a done deal, and there are very few in government who serve anybody but themselves, by following the orders of their masters, the Oligarchy. That seems to be how millionaires and billionaires are made today.
*I think, if we work together, we may be able to change it.