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The High School Valedictory Address You Weren’t Supposed to Hear


The High School Valedictory Address You Weren’t Supposed to Hear

Amy Goodman

Evan Young was the valedictorian of this year’s graduating class at Twin Peaks Charter Academy High School, in Longmont, Colo. On May 16, at his graduation ceremony, Evan planned to give his valedictory address. Earlier in the week, he submitted the text of his speech to the principal, as required. Just before the ceremony, Principal B.J. Buchmann told Evan he was not allowed to give his speech. Evan was shocked. He had been practicing for days. He had planned to come out as gay in the speech for the first time, to his own family, to his classmates and to the whole school community.


The powers that be in the “international community”, through their media, have for some time been promoting homosexuality. The progressive community generally is in agreement. This is a rare convergence of two groups usually opposed.

I suspect the PTB are promoting this issue as a way of reducing world population, and they are using the progressive community to further that end.


I don’t feel like I know or understand this situation completely but as someone who works in a school, I think the principal probably made the best call he could. I am assuming he knew the parents, knew the family. There are some good reasons to be an adult who works with adolescents/young adults (and understands that some of his students are LGBTQ) who would ask a student to re-think giving a speech at his high school graduation where he “outs” himself when ostensibly his parents don’t already know this.

I think it’s a leap to assume that the principal is “against” LGBT people based on this. He may have been doing his best to handle a situation that might be really tough for the child and the family.

But even as Amy reports the news and I don’t always agree with her, I still appreciate it.


“PTB are promoting this issue as a way of reducing world population”

that has to be one of the most ridiculous comments i have ever read.


A-hole principal deserves to be fired, if for no other reason than outing the kid to his parents. That is simply outrageous. Lot’s of gay kids have been either physically assaulted by parents when they came out, or thrown out of the house and denied support for college. The fact that Evan’s parents did none of those things does not lessen the principal’s douchiness.


I understand you want to give the principal the benefit of the doubt. However, the principal, in my view, was wrong and was biased against LGBT. His actions tell on him. He didn’t call the student in and discuss any of the speech with him. He didn’t counsel the student in any way. So, there goes - the principal was acting for the benefit of the student argument. The principal also totally disrespected this young man’s privacy by outing him to this parents when it was clear the young man was wanting to do it through his speech. It is never right to interfere in such a disrespectful and thoughtless manner. Never. Had the principal actually cared about the student and had concerns regarding “the community” or something else, he would have spoken to the student, not the parents.

This young man earned the right to give this speech. He should have received what he worked for and earned - giving the Valedictory Address. The principal was dishonest in my view when he mis-characterized the speech as containing sexual matters of a personal matter. The speech contained references to sexuality not sex. It is past time for educators to stop acting like pre-schoolers, unable to discuss matters of sex or sexuality in an adult fashion - using facts and being forthright and honest.

The principal was not an honest broker. He lost a fantastic opportunity to lead by example. Fortunately, this young man did lead. I hope our society can get to the point that people are allowed to be who they are without apology and certainly not needing approval from anyone else as to who they are.


I actually listened to Amy’s interview of Evan and he said that he and the principal had discussed the speech and he made several suggestions with Evan was willing to integrate but he didn’t want to take out the announcement of being gay. For the principal I can understand that this is just a hard situation. Though Rachel Maddow makes a joke now about how she outed herself in the college newspaper and that is how her parents found out, for the principal to “allow” this on his watch is just difficult. It’s not how most parents would prefer to find out. I think Evan gauged that his parents would roll with it okay and it seems he was correct. But this is all “after the fact”.


Yes, and what struck me as I was reading this article is that the ‘a-hole’ wouldn’t let him come out in public, but he couldn’t wait to tell his parents – that’s one messed up nutbag, b/c in effect, he did what he told the kid he couldn’t do! Kinda makes you wonder if he doesn’t have some ‘closeted leanings’ in that direction.


“that has to be one of the most ridiculous comments i have ever read.”

Really? Then why do you think the PTB are promoting homosexuality?
A concern for human rights?


It is the invisible hand of the GOP that presumes anyone of whom they disapprove, whether the disapproval is race, creed, gender, sexual preference, coffee, dress habits, hair do, or whatever, that invisible hand says “Thou Shalt Not Speak! Thou Shalt Not Vote! Thou Art The Devil Incarnate!”

The Ayatollahs must be proud of them.


Scientific research has taught us a lot, and has changed peoples thinking about sexuality. There are many reasons why homophobia still exists. One is that we still have ignorant people in charge of educating our children. Principal B.J. Buchmann sounds like a dozy. Evan Young worked hard to earn the right to give the speech that he wanted to give, and Principal Buchmann denied him that right because of his own personal bigotry, and prodigious. It was also completely unacceptable for him to tell Evan’s parents that Evan was gay. Buchmann’s lack of professionalism and lack of integrity should warrant his removal as School Principal.


Evan appeared on the Nightly show Thursday night. Many kudos to Larry Wilmore!!

In case folks don’t know, you can watch any and all previous episodes of the Daily Show and the Nightly show on the Daily Show website…


Oh yes…it’s all true, doncha know? I have been out there beating the bushes to recruit any woman I can muster…they promised a prize for most new recruits signed up…I worked hard for that toaster-oven!

On the f’real side…breeders have not kept secret the means to reproduce…gay folks are as slap-happy about offspring as any other group (except perhaps the Quivverful folk, who are quite frankly outa their frakkin minds!).

And since when is reducing world population by bearing a bit less fruit of the womb a BAD thing??? Beats the hell out of all the other means of reducing the sheer number of humans occupying the planet.