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The History of Anti-Authoritarian Struggle is a History Worth Repeating


The History of Anti-Authoritarian Struggle is a History Worth Repeating

Sarah Freeman-Woolpert

Throughout his campaign, critics have drawn comparisons between Donald Trump and authoritarian leaders from the past. From his proposed plans to create a Muslim registry, to threats against journalists and other opponents, these critics urge us to learn from history about the dangers of a leader like him rising to power.

Now that Trump is president, however, we must learn from history in a different way. Nonviolent social movements of the past can teach us lessons about how to resist injustice in the years to come.


Life and destiny has become subject to the authoritarian and sometimes capricious whimsical decisions of the elite's power structure.


Trump's inauguration speech and his failed attempt to get the military to put their tanks and missile launchers in the inauguration parade confirm that Trump is no different than his authoritarian predecessors including Hitler and Stalin.


It was actually Steve Bannon's speech. He intentionally included the quote from BANE. Sicko.


Toward the laughter and parody response that seems strangely most appropriate this year... bad lipreading going back to the la la land hollywood kleg light "debates"


"The History of Anti-Authoritarian Struggle is a History Worth Repeating"

Authoritarians or Conservatives, the opposite of Liberals, are the definition of predatory organisms in ecosystems. Greedy, violent, reactionary, cowardly, unpredictable, they serve the natural function of lowering population numbers and weeding out the unfit. In the human animal however, conservatives serve the opposite function. Conservative oligarchy war profiteers send young men to fight and die in their wars of choice, bombing and killing indiscriminately both the fit and unfit. They kill their host, the people, by parasitizing them and glomming all the resources.


I was glad to see the size of the demonstration and that there were so many others In so many other cities, and I think your use it or lose it comment is true, but it's going to take more than that to keep President Donny from going all full tyrant on us. His overblowhard overreaction to things like that lays open his biggest weakness and area of vulnerability. I hope he keeps reacting like that to the media and calling them crooks and liars they'll turn really against him.

My suggested plan, which of course nobody will ever listen to, would be to try to provoke him as
often as possible. That's the way to get back at him. Every time one of those preposterous lies gets said or Tweeted it should be answered quickly with effective counterpropaganda, The Trump regime can only be counteracted by making it show what it is at every opportunity.

The idea is to shake the confidence of the Followers of The Don by exposing the self serving bullshit as many times as can be done -- not wth an attitude of scorn but to use the Trump version of "truth" to undermine his and his gang's effectiveness. James Carville put something like that for Bill Clinton and it worked very well.

What the Anti-Trump forces need to do is create a communication network to monitor everything The President says so that lies and bullshit are pointed out to all involved in the Oppositional Resistance so that rebuttals can be researched and disseminated with Press and other media contacts as quickly as can be so the Facts of Liee can be made public.

The president's own words can be used to undermine his legitimacy and effectiveness. The goal must be to tarnish him in the eyes of those who think they love him. It won't do any good good to try to persuade his "base". That will only solidify it. But his own tendency to get all miffed and shoot off his mouth if tracked, recorded, made widely available can do the trick because Don Presidente will provide plenty of usable content. So I say Mock The Don, he can't take it.

He's a big baby and seemingly unable to perceive how stupid his blusterbrat reactions look to much of the country. I'd like to see him get mad and storm out of the presidency. My biggest concern about that is that I think Preacher Pence would be much more difficult to find a way to deal with.


Listen to this young lady! She's saying the same thing I have been for years.
* All of our groups with "special" interests are vying for a bigger slice of a small pie. We need to look at the big picture.
* If We the People were to get together and form a coalition, we could win! That huge coalition would have a lot of power, if it would set goals and everyone work toward them. The special interests could be supported by the entire coalition, once we achieved the common goal.
* Hopefully, that common goal will be to take our country back, and curb the greedy oilagarchy that already owns about half the world and wants the rest.
* We could end the endless wars, bring the troops home, cut the Wehrmacht back to the original plan, of a defense force. The billions or trillions saved could go back to rebuilding our infrastructure, providing the services that government was formed to do, and to pay reparations to the people whose lives and livelihoods. we have destroyed or blighted. We could even heal the planet. We have the means and imagination to make it happen. With money and resources recovered from the Greedopoly, we could succeed.
* Listen to Sarah Freeman-Woolpert! She spells it out well. If we all work together, we could turn the Fourth Reich we now live in back to the Constitutional Republic we all grew up in so long ago.
* The founders of this nation, and many others since warned of the dangers of the banks and the wealthy buying power and using it for their own ends and that we would lose the country without constant vigilance. We got lazy and took it all for granted and sure enough, it came to pass.
* When we finally get our country back, I'd suggest going over the Constitution with a fine tooth comb and write in some stronger guarantees against a new monopoly. Also, we must change the game to electing genuine representatives of We the People to office and purging the self-seeking Quislings that now infest the nation's government from top to bottom.
* We Shall Overcome! And I hope it will be soon.


I think Pence is Veep like Dan Quayle was. Assassination and perhaps impeachment insurance.


So, where can I get an "Impeach Trump" bumper sticker?
White republicans were so quick to start suggesting impeaching Obama when he was first elected and that was for no other reason than they were sore at having a black man be president. I'd like for them to see how that feels. Who wants to be the first to tell me that's a reprehensible idea? I say fair's fair. Obama spent the last 8 years attempting to reach across the aisle only to have his hand spat at by the rightdingers. My salivary glands are fully functioning too. Its up to trump and the republicans to reach across the aisle now. I'm up for some target practice.


History is meant to be retold over and over and over. Its often when it doesn't get retold that it runs the risk of repeating itself.


Revolution's advancements fade without systemic change.

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