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The Honduran Coup’s Ugly Aftermath


The Honduran Coup’s Ugly Aftermath

Jonathan Marshall

Imelda Marcos will forever be remembered for her hoard of 3,000 pairs of shoes, an ostentatious symbol of the billions of dollars in spoils she amassed as First Lady of the Philippines.


Thank you, Mr. Marshall for providing the FULL story. It’s quite a contrast from the mass media’s framing and/or those of all those macho Republican fools posturing their bravado against illegal “aliens,” Trump, included.

This bears repeating:

“Such crime and corruption have rendered millions of Hondurans destitute and desperate. Two-thirds of its people now live below the national poverty level and Honduras’s soaring homicide rate leads the world at nearly one per thousand people each year. These conditions, in turn, fueled a horrifying surge in child migration to the United States.”

Imagine if all the money earmarked for drug interdiction instead went to bettering the lives of ordinary, working people?

Elites use every pretext they can to harass, intimidate, demonize, incarcerate, impoverish, and invalidate. The same protocols are making life unbearable for people all over the planet.

Hail the oposición indignada,…


I think it goes without saying that this coup was hardly a spontaneous action on the part of the fascists in the military in the Honduras.

It needed the blessing if not prompting of the United States Government before hand. Zelaya was going to raise minimum wages which in no way would have affected these the alleged instigators.

It would cut into the profits of US based corporations.

In 1954 Eisenhower backed operation pbsuccess in Guatemala. This after Arbenz announced he would start raising wages of workers and redistributing foreign owned land to the peasants. That too was a coup for the sake of corporate profits.


The policy of the United States is to cause mayhem and disorder as widely as possible in order to prevent foreign governments like Honduras from limiting the exactions of American corporations. Creating weak governments dependent on US military assistance, unable to regulate their own elites or US business are what we are all about


I remember the situation when it happened and I thought at the time that the US would stop the illegal coup in its tracks. I was a fool! The US is not decent enough to actually care about the people of these poor Central American countries, it only cares about how they can be of use to the US! If it means that these indigent human beings must become the slaves of right wing, despots who serve the decaying and degenerate American empire than so be it. Madame Clinton is a gross hypocrite and she is old Washington. She is definitely not what the US needs in its dotage!


It should be another nail in the coffin of Hillary’s election campaign. It will be if and only if the media makes this big.


You want this crap to stop? Then, Bernie 2016!


And let’s not forget that coup leader Micheletti (SP?) was a graduate of the WHINSEC, formerly the School of Americas. I remember watching the silence and then empty rhetoric of the Obama Administration and S of S Clinton when the coup occurred. They never called for reinstating the elected leader, Zelaya (SP?), the man who wanted to change the constitution which was written under a military dictatorship. He was going to implement much needed social/economic reform, much to the peril of US multinationals. History, sadly, once again (and again, and again), repeating itself.

The corporate media too was silent in an investigative, critical way, doled out the administration line, and kept coverage to a minimum. If anyone was an Obama supporter, all they had to do was look at how this was handled to understand that American Empire would continue unabated, and all this only six months after he was handed the White House.