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The Honduran Meltdown: Made in USA


The Honduran Meltdown: Made in USA

Belén Fernández

In May 2005, US Deputy Secretary of State Robert Zoellick appeared at the conservative Heritage Foundation in Washington to rally support for CAFTA, a free trade agreement between the US, the Central American countries, and the Dominican Republic.


Lest we forget, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton just sat on her pants suited rear end at the Foggy Bottom HQ of the State Department and issued vague and contradictory statements while the US military assisted their good ol’ boy Honduran bandito military faction in expelling the legally elected head of state to Costa Rica. Score one for the multi-national corporate bag woman attorney!


Looking at the photo for this article brought to mind Jack London’s story-“The Iron Heel”
And that is what this Honduran coup was all about-Fascism/Corporatism and Capitalism- And Mr. Obama along with Hillary knew this from the get go-
I really wish they would leave those people of Central and South America alone to decide their own future- This County has an Evil history and presence there (everywhere there) and it all needs to stop…Take that Iron Heel and put it where the sun don’t shine, in your own back yard you Warshington scoundrels! You won’t keep the spirit of those people down forever…
Thanks for the article Belén Fernandez!


If we want to fix the world, we must vote out and fire conservative appointees, politicians and neoliberals from government.

End of discussion.


I want to vomit every time I hear Prez Obummer use those words.


Thanks to Ms. Fernandez and Common Dreams.

Here’s also a good summarization of the problem…


As a matter of long standing policy the United States does not support transitions by non-constitutional means. Political transitions must be democratic, constitutional, peaceful, and legal. Jen Psaki US State department spokesperson.

Now i am sure we will have those that insist that what happened in the Honduras was all the doing of Putin because The USA would NEVER try to interfere with the will of the people and the democratic process in foreign lands because Ms Psaki SAID they would not.


Looks like Ecuador is targeted now. Correa has been too much of a populist.


Yes, let us all hope and pray that the French give Julian Assange sanctuary (along with Mr. Snowden)- You can bet your bottom dollar that Washington is chomping at the bit about the political asylum afforded Julian there in the London Embassy by one courageous and humanitarian Ecuadoran named Correa- And, lets also thank Mr. Putin for his humanity-


While I’m pleased Putin gave sanctuary to Snowden I don’t think his motivation was humanitarian.


Yes indeed and to really top things off he gave the US military an ultimatum: either give the Ecuadoran military a base of operations within the US or get out of Ecuador. So much for reciprocity in bilateral relations.


Zoellick represents all that is evil in corporate America. His Harvard credentials allow him to join his Wall Street chums to pillage the world in the name of free enterprise. A graduate of the Kennedy school of govt. …the antithesis of all that JFK stood for. The blood of Hondurans is on the hands of these degenerate capitalists who prevent reform in Latin America. Do it "our " way or we will arm the dictators. Another evil neocon.


That would mean voting out the entire Congress, you realize. Not a bad idea.


Everything heads of State do have political undertones- I still believe Putin was being human if not A bit ballsy- The staged interview between Putin and Snowden was A bit Political though…


Rich people tend to be conservative and practically the entire Congress is rich. Electing poor or middle class people to Congress is no solution. They are just as likely to sell out and become conservatives like the rich berserkers.

The answer I think is, to leave lawmaking to citizens by letting the people decide through the initiative and referendum process.