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The Honduras Killing Field


The Honduras Killing Field

Dennis Bernstein

An apparent resurgence of death-squad violence in Honduras, including the March 3 murder of prominent Honduran indigenous rights activist Berta Cáceres, is a harsh reminder of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s role in defending a 2009 coup that ousted leftist President Manuel Zelaya and cleared the way for the restoration of right-wing rule in the impoverished Central American nation.


When Hillary's reign at State is fully exposed, we will find it to be as reprehensible as the Dulles Brothers of the fifties. She is every bit the neocon that the Cheneys and Kagans are, and it appears that they have decided to reset the Cold War...


This is such a tragedy. It breaks my heart to see the country in such horrible shape. I was so mad when Hillary and Obama recognized the coup and went on to open relations with the new government. I wish every person that says we should elect Hillary because we want a woman for president, would see the type of damage she has done all over the world, just like this.
She is the reason we have women and children at our southern border. She has blood on her hands and a right wing agenda in her cold heart. She is not electable.


No matter what else happens, Hillary Clinton MUST lose this election, period.


Bernie could use some of these talking points--how HRC was all for keeping this brutal regime in power. And Glenn Greenwald also exposes many other times she sides with tyrants.


But Trump hardly has anti-imperialist credentials - and enormous interests, like most casino gangsters, in muscular US hegemony - so it will be out of the frying pan and into the fire.

It's either Sanders or barbarism - and with regard to foreign policy, even Sanders still is an unknown quantity.