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The Hope Behind Putin’s Syria Help


The Hope Behind Putin’s Syria Help

Russia’s airstrikes on rebel strongholds in Syria, now in their fifth day, are a game-changer. To borrow an aphorism from philosopher Yogi Berra, “The future ain’t what it used to be.” Yogi also warned, “It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.”


Obama's sophomoric summary of the Syrian situation put's his incompetence on full display for the world to see.
The neocons are nothing more than armchair warriors that don't even have the fight in their bellies to oversee these wars muchless fight them.The neocons have enriched their coffers with taxpayer money & the blood of American soldiers.
Obama & the dems weak leadership have entered the war criminal realm along with his war criminal neocon master's.
If Obama can't stand up to the neocons he sure as hell can't stand up to Putin or any other advisary in the world.
They are all war criminals!


"Obama’s cavalier notion, as expressed at the news conference, that “regime changes” are neat and tidy, easily performed without unintended consequences, suggests a sophomoric understanding of the world that is stunning for a U.S. president in office for more than 6 ½ years, especially since he adopted a similar approach toward Libya, which now has descended into violent anarchy."

Is it any more cavalier than the notion that drone strikes perform "surgical" kills?

Or any more cavalier than approving a continuous military budget that hemorrhages funds from all that is truly necessary for U.S. citizens' (not necessarily "corporate citizens") welfare and thus what truly qualifies as Defense?

While Obama spoke about the ravages of climate change, he approved the Arctic region for deep, dangerous oil drilling.

While Bill Clinton was famous for sounding empathetic--"I feel your pain" while passing policies that deregulated all of the agencies that formerly created a bulwark between Big Corporations and the rights of citizens; Obama gives voice to issues while passing policy that inverts his own statements. This kind of "statecraft" is the stuff of crazy-making. It's 100% disingenuous.


Tradition, particularly military tradition means sustaining the idea of exceptionalism: America--as the indispensable nation:

He told the graduates:

“In fact, by most measures, America has rarely been stronger relative to the rest of the world. Those who argue otherwise … are either misreading history or engaged in partisan politics. … So the United States is and remains the one indispensable nation. That has been true for the century passed and it will be true for the century to come.”

Anyone who's paying attention to things like Fukushima's constant emission of radiation, the uptick in suddenly awakening, formerly dormant volcanoes, the recurrence of "storms of the century" impacting often unlikely regions... added to the all-out FRAUD that defines the global economic system after the infusion of all those faux monetary products produced by Ivy League bankster cons and hustlers... isn't convinced that centuries to come are still part of the calculus.

Nothing like sustaining delusion since the Empire is crippling so much of the world in so many ways while its highest official uses a modern version of Divine Right of Kings as rationale for doing so.

Thank you, Mr. McGovern, for not trafficking in the insidious (falsely applied) frame of WE in making this factor clear:

"But the U.S. government chose a different course, one of “permanent” global hegemony with American troops as the world’s “armed-up” policemen. Gulf War I, led by the United States in January-February 1991 to punish Iraq for invading Kuwait the previous summer, injected steroids into leading arrogant neocons like Paul Wolfowitz – already awash in hubris."

Note that Mr. McGovern doesn't fall back on the sloppy "WE chose" a different course--of permanent global hegemony. WE (as in the vast majority of citizens) are neither the soldiers who compose the military, nor the government which is beholden to corporate 1% donors.


President Obama announcing the US is stepping up the training of ISIL forces. They later claims this was "an error"


Note that Russia has launched a total of 60 airstrikes against ISIS. According to all reports that are not from western mainstream this has degraded the ability of ISIS to attack and expand territory and has allowed the Syrian Military to retake territory.

The US has launched some 6700 airstrikes on what they claim was ISIS. In that time ISIS was advancing and siezing territory.

Further to this Russia has installed advanced SAM systems in Syria. This limits the ability of both Israel and the US and US allies to launch airstrikes against that country. Colonel jack Jacobs speaking on behalf of the US Military indicated that when US Air Forces approach Syrian Air Space they are immediately "lit up" by Russian radar and they are unable to pinpoint the source.

The USA is no longer facing a third world country which they can bomb with impunity.


What is the end game here?

There's no scenario where deposing Assad doesn't result in a takeover by ISIS or some group affiliated with it.

So what happens when Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq are all under the control of ISIS/Taliban/Al Qaeda?

What happens when they're attacking Israel?

All out war.

That, I think, is the neocon end game. A war that will result in U.S./Israeli control of the region (Sorry Saudis, you'd only get to play in your sandbox - and then only if you were good).

The thing is, it will never happen. The U.S. isn't strong enough to win that war. We couldn't win in Iraq or Afghanistan but these insane neocons think that we will win if only we can depose every stable government in the region except the Israelis and Saudis.

The only sane one in the room is former KGB officer Putin. That's how bad things have gotten.


This is an informative and detailed review of events, Ray. Thank you for this update.

It was a pleasure meeting you in Dubuque on September 24 at University of Dubuque. When I mentioned Common Dreams, I enjoyed your quip, "It's good to know that someone is reading this!"

My hope is that you are a source of information for those serious about understanding the realpolitik involved in supporting the Syrian government which represents the common good for the Syrian people.

Best wishes.


Thanks Ray, for pointing out what many don't. That this carnage in the MidEast was/is all a part of a well orchestrated PLAN. Not a mistake, not a strategic blunder, not an over reaction. But a PLAN; which continues today.

Surprising how many writers, pundits don't speak of this in that context?


To Ray McGovern. Was the CIA involved in the instigation of the civil war in Syria?


Israel is a destructive parasite that seeks to control its host,
The neocons should depart the US for the State they serve and profess to love so much..It would be good riddance and a giant leap forward for America. Alternatively, they could change to put the interests of the US.people first.

Epilogue: Now the neocons can slap a label on me like the Star of David in Nazi Germany. It's the "anti-Semitic' .label. That way they're spared rational argument on the issue.


Of course it was.


I think it's becoming very apparent for the people who have followed the real news about how Russia has got to the point of taking control of the Syria war with ISIL might agree about one thing for sure and that is that Mr Putin has always taken the high road and pushed for peace, that enough is enough with the CIA Freek-instine monster, that has caused so much misery for so many ... Years ago Edgar Cayce "The Sleeping Profit" spoke in one of his many reading about Russia becoming the new light of the world, I believe that Mr Putin has and is showing himself, in this world and time, to be a powerful light in the face of all of the darkness. He has always stayed the high road while taking an all out assault on his character and the people in his country, now he is doing the world a great service following all the rules to the letter with total transparent moral style and and it's driving the war mongers nuts.. Thank you Mr Putin for your service to [the real NEW WORLD"S ORDER of justice and peace...