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The Horrors of Israeli Occupation Have Been Laid Bare

The Horrors of Israeli Occupation Have Been Laid Bare

Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan

Christians the world over look to the Holy Land this week as they celebrate Easter and the resurrection of Jesus, while Jews around the globe observe Passover, recalling their exodus from slavery in ancient Egypt. Current events in Israel and Palestine, though, are no cause for celebration, and are adding fuel to racial and political fires here in the United States.

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Yes. And while we’re at it, let’s stop funding US war crimes (yeah, Bolton, Abrams and Pompeo, I’m looking at you).


I’ve just recognized Mike Gravel as the constitutionally legitimate Prime Minister of Israel. “Bibi” needs to relinquish power quickly as all options are on the table. Mike will quickly dismantle all illegal settlements in occupied territories, end occupation, and give Palestinian citizens of Israel full democratic rights. Israel will retroactively comply with all UN resolutions, cease accepting military aid from the US and destroy all of its nuclear weapons. Wish Mike good luck and good health in his endeavors.


And what about the fact the HAMAS Charter, the political manifesto that the palestinians voted for, contains a Jewish Genocide as offcial policy, the first political manfesto to do so since Mein Kampf ? How do you compromise or negotiate with a group of fanatics that declare “Israel will exist unti lslam destroys it” and declares all attempts at peace, or attempts to negotiate, as Apostasy, which is punishable by death in islam? In what way is that a reasonable position, or reasonable people?

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I fear the only way to do that is to stop paying taxes.

Priceless !!

Hi Stephanie_Simpson: well Netanyahu is a fanatic—and Zionism is not Judaism----so what then? Where can I read about the Genocide as official policy of the Hamas Charter? As to fanatics, there are so many in every country , its hard to tell them apart.
Are you sure that Israel has supported all attempts at peace? I was aware of many Palestinian and governmental agreements, which Israel never followed. I think a lot of people would be interested in reading your sources—could you please supply them?


Amy, We applaud your efforts but WHY??? didn’t you pursue the truth 0f 911. We all know it was a Mossad black op in full co-operation with the criminals in the U.S. govt. who want war, any war to justify the trillions that the MIC extorts every year.

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Here’s the solution …

Beliefs create behaviours, behaviours create your on the ground conditions .

I fear the only way to do that is to stop paying taxes.

What good would that do? The only thing that would result is the IRS getting on your case, which would not help you at all.

I’ll also add this:

Once the IRS gets on your case, there’s virtually no end to it.

What the United States, the UN Security Council, and the International Community has to do now is something that should’ve been done right after the 1967 Six-Day War: Force Israel to give up West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, disallow Israel’s building of settlements in those territories, control hostilities on all sides, and to enforce the two-state solution (i. e. an independent, sovereign Palestinian nation-state alongside Israel that is comprised of West Bank, Gaza Strip and Arab East Jerusalem) as well as the sovereign, independent Jewish nation-state of Israel)

Had that occurred years ago, both peoples (i. e. the Israeli Jews and Palestinians) would be living in two separate, independent, sovereign nation-states at peace alongside each other…


There are organizations which will hold the portion of your taxes which would go to military expenditures in an escrow account. If/when the IRS comes for you, you are provided legal help and if the courts find against you, your taxes and any fines are paid by said organization from the monies they hold in escrow. Do some searching on the web to find these organizations.

If one or two people stop paying taxes, sure. If millions stop recognizing the governments authority to collect the taxes which found our collective subjugation it will be a different story.

Let’s get real, Stephanie: Hamas is a pretty insignificant threat to Israel, and militarily, in comparison to Israel, it’s downright puny. A few hundred well-trained fighters and 30,000 ragtag non-regulars.

That said, you know what Israel’s position is: Keep gobbling up the West Bank illegally, property by property, maintain apartheid and second class citizenship for Palestinian citizens, oppress the 6 million Palestinians who are not citizens yet live under Israeli control, and agitate like hell to stifle the few Arab states and parties willing to stand up to Israeli oppression.

In all of the above except the latter, Israel is completely successful. Thus, they have no reason to change the status quo, and certainly have zero interest in a one-state solution. And with US guardianship (i.e. saber rattling and bombing), Iran, Hezbollah, Shiite militias in Iraq, and Syria are largely neutered.

So please stop the crocodile tears about Hamas. They are militants, they are semi-aggressive, they are oppressive in their own right, but they are weak and exist in a prison.

Also, to set the record straight, their charter does not contain Jewish genocide as official policy. The current charter states that the group doesn’t seek war with the Jewish people but only against Zionism which it holds responsible for “occupation of Palestine.” The new charter also sites a willingness to create two states based on the pre-1967 borders.