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The Hour When Children Die—What Is Going On in Yemen?

The Hour When Children Die—What Is Going On in Yemen?

Vijay Prashad

A busload of young boys was on a field trip. They were excited. Their summer session of school was over. This was to be the outing to celebrate the end of school. The boys jostle on the bus. It is noisy. One of them covers his ears. They are all laughing. One of their friends is taking a video (which was shown this week on Yemen’s al-Massira television). The video shows the universal joy of being an adolescent, of being filled with anticipation at the field trip.

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Jimmy Dores take on this with his question "who will bomb the USA for killing those kids in Yemen (like we bombed Syria when we claimed Syria killed kids) "

The reference to Siege warfare. Ratko Mladic was charged with War crimes for setting up blockades to prevent supplies from reaching Civilians. This is whgat The Saudi’s and allies do in Yemen ( And what Israel does in Gaza)


Republicans don’t mind killing children after they are born.


To what god is this human sacrifice being offered? Mammon. We know that those with their fingers on the triggers/buttons do not view the innocents as humans, fully demonstrating the aggressors’ lack of humanity.


The Saudis, like the Israeli government when it arrests and kills children, said that it is the Yemenis who are “responsible for recruiting and training young children.”

Jews targeting people who are not welcome because they are not Jews and need to be expunged should not be criticized because that would be anti-Semitic - how could it not be anti?. Sunnis killing Shea is different: there has never been a Sunni holocaust.