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The House Budget Thinks I’m “Wasteful Spending”


The House Budget Thinks I’m “Wasteful Spending”

Jacklyn Stovall

This morning, the House Budget Committee released their budget plan for fiscal year 2018. It’s filled with some of conservatives’ greatest hits—work requirements, block grants, cuts to programs that help low-income people—and it’s all couched in language about how the government needs to reduce “wasteful spending.”


There is much in this world that tends to render one hopeless. I found that a story like yours and your father’s restores hope, not for the future but in my case for each new day. All our stories will eventually end the same way. The good among us make it easier and more joyful to be alive while unfortunately the self-possessed, the self-righteous, the greedy are also among us and tend to make it hell.

Thank you and have a good life.


I also felt rehumanized reading this piece. My country has Medicaid and Soc Sec Disability and all the rest. My people of all races and creeds, help a family member die with dignity, to shower, to eat like a human being… to feel cared about and loved!

I remember that America and I want it back again. I don’t want the cold heartless economic system that Trump and the Repubs want to call America.

I want the wasteful spending that is what it means to be a human being.

I am also someone who doesn’t think it is wasteful to spend money on people.


There’s the old story of the woman who believed the planet rested on the back of an astronomical turtle. When a scientist asked her what the turtle was standing on, she said, “You can’t fool me, it’s turtles all the way down!”

That’s what we have here. If recipients of social services represent “wasteful spending” then who are the recipients of worthwhile spending? Supposedly the wealthy, because they use the money for investments that generate more money, but who are the worthy recipients of that money? Or who are the worthy recipients of the money saved by cutting the services?

Ultimately there would have to be an endpoint. You can’t justify expense of money solely in terms of it generating more money to spend for that same purpose, ad infinitum. At some stage the money has to be used for something that has inherent value. You know, like all those lives they say they’re pro-life for.

But we have the military! And the ever-increasing military budget is used to protect all that is worthwhile in America, except there isn’t anything worthwhile in America, except the money!


I think you forgot to mention that her reply to the scientist repeating the same Socratic question was “another turtle”. and only after 3 or 4 of these cycles did she give the famous “turtles all the way down”.