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The House Can Start Impeachment Against Trump Now

The House Can Start Impeachment Against Trump Now

Norman Solomon

Much of the public is eager for the impeachment of President Trump. A poll last week found that 40 percent of Americans already “support” impeaching him, and the same survey — by highly regarded Public Policy Polling — found that another 12 percent are “not sure.”

From the outset of his presidency, Trump has been violating the U.S. Constitution in a way that we have not seen before and should not tolerate. It’s time for members of Congress to get the impeachment process underway.

There are 194 Democratic Representatives in Congress and 241 Republican reps – 2/3 of the 435 total = 290 – would it take 290 members voting to impeach b4 it could be sent to the Senate?

No, a simple majority (218)of the House of Representatives is required to impeach, a two thirds majority of the Senate is needed to convict.

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And may he convicted and shoved out the door on his arse to live the rest of his life sequestered in Trump Tower (until it goes into foreclosure) abandoned by his family and “fake friends” not unlike the hermit, Howard Hughes whose money could not prevent his mental derangement. He can spend the rest of his days watching Apprentice and lifestyles of the rich and famous reruns. Too bad that the next-in-line would not be expelled as well.


I called my Rep. to urge him to support impeachment. If you agree with Solomon, please consider calling yours.


218 – that doesn’t sound impossible … and chapdrum is right – we should all be on our phones letting them know OUR wants!

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Of course Nancy Pelosi, the Minority Leader in the House, is not in favor of this possibility. Just as she was not in favor of any prosecution of Bush and Cheney for lying to the American people about Iraq and its WMDs or the horrendous death and destruction that was caused by those lies. Pelosi is an establishment Democrat, always pragmatic and unprincipled. Elizabeth Warren is right - there needs to be a better version of this collusive and often spineless party to oppose the increasing extremism and outright corruption of the Regressives and their ilk.


I suppose since he’s ‘christian’ he doesn’t have any interesting skeletons in his closet that we could use to pull an ‘Agnew’ on him. Truthfully, as soon as it was announced that the twit-in- chief had won I knew that we were going to have to do everything possible to get rid of the trumppence and ryan since isn’t the Speaker of the House third in line? :scream:

Pence and Ryan are probably just as corrupt as Trump, but at least they are predictable. Also, we ought to make a statement for posterity that at least we tried and did not blindly acquiesce in his mis- and malfeasance.


Well, I’m all for posterity . . . .

It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the Twilight Zone."

  • President Trump runs for and is elected President of the US to build his brand and use the power of the presidency to make great deals that enrich his personally held corporation’s bottom line. He achieves his goal of nomination through showmanship and populist one-liners to the complete horror of the GOP leadership and the elite cabal of powerbrokers and corporate CEOs, who bankroll the Party with outrageous sums of money and corporate-written legislation.

  • No problem. Trump is easily manipulated by his own childish temperament, and more interested in his own business than the country’s business. The Cabal gets behind him and starts inserting their players. Best of all, Trump’s best friend is Steve Bannon, a lifetime fascist, wing-nut, loose cannon. It serves the cabal for Bannon to go nuts, while Trump happily signs Executive Orders, reinventing history along the way: “Tweet, tweet, twit, twit, twit,” so he can just get back to his business, and let Bannon take care of things.

  • Meanwhile, lurking in the shadows is Mike Pence, a man so much more dangerous than Trump. Pence is presidential material; he appears totally acceptable. The cabal protects him and keeps him above the fray. Every now and then Pence utters something that sounds reasonable, but otherwise goes unnoticed.

  • Bannon through Trump will continue to dismantle hard won democratic, social, economic, and environmental protections. The people will continue to resist, and will begin to solidify into a movement with real human based demands. It is at this point, about one year from now when the midterms elections really start rolling, that the cabal will instruct the GOP to impeach Trump. They install their golden boy and gray-haired closeted fascist into the presidency. They look great–like saviors–right before Election Day 2018, and Congress remains in control of the GOP. Pence runs as an incumbent in the 2020 election and wins.

We the People are seriously in the weeds, and need to consider if impeaching Trump is in our best interests. Considering that numerous reasons existed to impeach both Obama and Bush, a precedent has been set that includes political reasons for enforcing or not enforcing the law. Pence cannot assume the presidency, or four years will likely turn into 12, and most certainly the end of the American experiment in democracy.

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Then charge her with aiding and abetting, she is complicit.

Be realistic. If Congress impeaches and convicts Trump, then what?

Do you think we’re better off with Pence? Or even more important: do you think Congress dumping Trump is going to empower the People? It would empower a corrupt Congress.

I think you’re starting at the wrong end of the political spectrum. Instead, let’s come up with a way to truly empower the People. And not just the American People, but the People all over the world.

We cannot and will not change the System until and unless the People rise and claim their rights in democracy.

I don’t think you’ve thought this out, Norman. At least, there’s no evidence that you have.

The future depends on the People, not on a system of government that is hyper-corrupt, proto-fascist, and oblivious to the critical dangers it has created for the Planet and all living creatures.

We’ve got to think outside the System’s box.