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The House Is Not a Home: A Common Sense Impeachment Proposition

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/29/house-not-home-common-sense-impeachment-proposition

Good suggestion. But raises the question: Who has the integrity and good standing in the public mind to lead the public, well publicized effort to bell the cat? Pelosi and Schumer are self-damaged goods and should not take the lead. Many of us love Bernie and Liz, but many are also skeptical about the “socialistic” aspects of their platforms–or, because they are active primary candidates, may see too much campaign and/or self-interest intertwined. Is there a Dem hiding in the wings with stature? Is there an “ancient one” who has credibility? Who?

Ridiculous. By narrowing the focus of the impeachment inquiry to the Ukraine imbroglio, D leadership is handing victory to Twump, in a classic display of pre-emptive capitulation. We might well ask why this is so, since victory at the polls next year is far from assured.

There are more than enough violations of law and of his oath of office to indict (which is what impeachment in the House is), if only there were the will; I’m not convinced there are enough senators willing to stand with Twump against the law when–if ever!–the full range of his perfidies is laid before the public.


The idea that the indictment of Trump should be tailored for the public (instead of a corrupt Senate) is obvious. It should include all the different classes of impeachable offenses and document the most egregious and obvious counts of each. If it is possible to deny the spectacle of a Senate whitewash, go for it.

The simpler the message the better. ‘Trump is a career criminal. Here is the list of his crimes. Here is the mountain of documented evidence.’ Document, Document, Document. Hold it under the electorate’s nose until he is gone. If the Repugnantins sense that they are holding a losing hand, they may very well replace him on the ticket. Frankly, I’m surprised they didn’t recruit Bloomberg.


I believe that Gorsuch was chosen when the Republicans illegally refused to consider Obama’s nomination of Garland for the SCOTUS. Kavanaugh should have been disqualifies for entirely different, personal reasons. Point being: not one stolen seat on the court but two.


This is stupid. “Remember that the Republican leadership in the Senate stole the Supreme Court seat of Merrick Garland and handed it to Brett Kavanaugh.” No Obama is a Neo Con who refused to fight for a progressive nominee. Instead he nominated a Republican without caring one way or the other just like his health care plan which was Romney care-a republican plan. You have to fight for what is right. Trump needs to be impeached on financial and ethical grounds. His hotel and other properties that he is loading up with US money, etc…


Screw that, 45 mustn’t be allowed to stay in the White House another freaking day.

If any of us had done even one of the many crimes he’s done, we’d be in jail.


Waiting to replace at election is like the home owners association telling Charles Manson to move out of the neighborhood.
Without consequences the next one can push the envelope even farther. If there is another president. Trump aspires to not leave the office. And he has bumbled his way this far with impunity so don’t doubt his ability to further shred the constitution.


Let’s see, I get to do my duty and remove Trump by voting for … whichever corporate goon the Democrats vomit up for a candidate. I thought bleeding a patient to cure the disease went out of style a couple hundred years, ago. Guess not.


So we’re basically admitting now that lots of Dem reps in swing districts can not be counted on to vote for impeachment. So much for that party unity progressives are supposed to fall in line for.

But sure, leave it to the voters just like in 2016. What could go wrong?

Once more, I have to state that every time I think that the d-party can’t sink to new levels of corruption or fecklessness or a combination of he two, I’m just plain wrong.

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Impeachment was never more than a distraction.

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It’s also possible that once the worst of his many, many crimes are clearly revealed that enough of the 'PoopLicken senators – remember the “Never Trumpers”? – might join with the DimWitRats to remove him from office. Failure to Impeach – even if he’s not convicted and removed by the Senate – sends the message to all future Presidents that they can do damn near anything they please, so long
as they’re careful to appoint sycophants as Attorney General, FBI chief, etc, etc.

There’s also the problem that, whether removed by the Senate or voted out by We, The People, Tweetle-Dumb may refuse to leave office.  It will be a LOT harder for him to claim that the televised vote of 100 senators was rigged than to assert that the result of secret balloting and vulnerable voting machines used by 150 million citizens is “Fake News”.  (Not to mention that it might be at least a little
bit more difficult for his buddy Putin to interfere . . . )