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The House Is On Fire

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2019/09/21/house-fire

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I was over on RT last night reading a piece about this becoming a religion, a cult. It slammed Greta pretty hard but the comments hit at her even harder. Unlike what is said here, they lack a moral compass. So much of our population, on a global scale, lack a moral footing that it makes this time even more dangerous. Maybe even deadly, it seems everyone has a gun. I don’t fear the climate emergency, I fear the naysayers, they have no powers of reason or critical thinking and revel in mob rule.

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" Dear Greta, We’re all good on the panic thanks. If you don’t mind, we’ll take the hope as well.

Actually we’re obviously not panicked enough. as for hope…not necessarily a positive response…

Hi Ditton: I think one of the big problems is that plenty of “grown ups,” know that Greta is speaking the truth----but many don’t want to believe that a 15, now 16 year old girl knows more than most governments, and not only does she know more, but she expresses it so clearly and completely.


Greta is waking up people to a whole new world, some are listening, she calls her autism a superpower and it can be just that because it allows her the focus needed to grasp what is truly taking place. Lets hope people can learn fast enough to trust this power, kids inherently do because it is good and right.

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As I mentioned in a post on another article on this subject, Greta is a modern day Joan of Arc for the planet.