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The House That Bibi Built


The House That Bibi Built

James Zogby

For half of the past two decades Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu has served as prime minister of Israel. Whatever his ultimate fate (given the ongoing criminal investigations he is currently facing), it is clear that he has had a profound impact on Israel, the Palestinians, and the entire region.

There are those who have doubted that Netanyahu had any core beliefs, other than the desire to retain power. But even with his maneuvering and his penchant for prevarication, there are, in fact, core beliefs that have directed his career.


This is truly a sad piece. While the neocon/Likud alliance is truly an unholy one, it is only a small part of the story of the Euro-US destruction of Palestine and the roles of pro-capitalist parties throughout the West in the process.

At least since 1967, nearly all U.S. elites supported and promoted the Zionist occupation of Palestine. Clearly, U.S. entities have used U.S. taxpayer money to keep this forward military operations base afloat. And now that France, the U.S. and other militaries have enabled the Zionist entity known as Israel to become one of the strongest militaries and largest nuclear powers on Earth, the ability of yahoos like Netanyahu or the more rational-sounding (but equally vicious) Rabin can blackmail away at will.

U.S. taxpayers should expect to keep ponying up our tribute to the “only democracy in the Middle East” until nuclear war, toxic/nuclear wastes and/or global warming render our species (and many others) irrelevant.


Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Two theocracies who dictate US foreign policy.

Your tax dollars are blood money.


beyond sickening and frightening. and i don’t even know what we can do but squeak objections. their power is a helluva lot huger than ours.


I despise this murderous ahole. Trump just found another 75 million to send his way. I have read that every US representative must agree to loyalty to Israel first and foremost, otherwise they are booted out. How is it possible to change this reality? They kill our servicemen as in the USS Liberty incident and this government covers for them saying it was a mistake, plenty of proof that it was all lies as it was an intentional attack. American’s are entirely disposable by their own government. American’s remain propagandized and pacified thinking their government works for them. NOT!


Where anti-Israel hatred slides down the slippery slope into Protocols of the Elders of Zion style Antisemitc conspiracy theories.


There is only one major political party in this country that will stand up to the Zionist lobby and will end all military and financial aid to Israel, and that is the Green Party. It is the truly progressive position and within the Greens it cannot be co-opted or corrupted because we are the only major political party with ballot access in this country that will never accept money from Zionist billionaires, like Haim Saban, who controls the Democratic Party by being their largest single donor, or Sheldon Adelson, the Republican counter-part. No, we know that the Palestinians are the wronged party and we stand with them and the BDS movement. We will move to end our support for not only the repressive Israeli government, but also the governments of Saudi Arabia and Egypt, who use our aid to repress and kill their own citizens, who want to be free. Please come and join us and help us create a government for common people who care about the future of all life on Earth. #Demexit to the Green Party 2017!