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The Houthi Designation: Tone-Deaf Foreign Policy for a Tone-Deaf Administration

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/01/13/houthi-designation-tone-deaf-foreign-policy-tone-deaf-administration


Nothing to see here. Nothing heartless and criminal going on here at all. It’s really nothing out of the ordinary - His Holiness, The Drone King Obama, Archduke of Pakistan and Emperor of Syria, had already kicked things off years ago - so just move along. And to think that he won a Nobel Peace Prize … but shhh … you’re not permitted to say anything about that … because, well, y’know … .

The most important thing happening in our collectively hypocritical lives right at this moment is the sheer pantomime passing for robust debate that is occurring in the House right now. Oh, I’m talking about the impeachment proceedings following the “coup”. It makes me happy that the main witnesses are CNN and MSNBC. And I absolutely love it that they’re also the judge and jury! It’s quite satisfying to see true justice being done - and being done right - it got me so excited that I nearly spilled my latte. And a Congressman from Michigan even managed to cleverly weave a bit of the ol’ “anti-Semitism” accusation into the tapestry of charges so that now, of course, no one can say anything about, well, anything … because, well, erm … . Oh boy, this is the happiest day of my life.

If things go according to plan, the Houthis will be designated a “terrorist organization” as dictated by our real House of Representatives, the Knesset. Well, at least they’ll be in good company with the perennially evil Cubans (no, not the “nice” Cubans in Miami - I mean the real Cubans … y’know, the ones who actually live in Cuba).

So, I call today a total win with yet more wool being pulled over obliging eyes. Israel will get its tithes of a combined four-and-a-half billion, right on cue, and we’ll continue murdering dirty little Venezuelans and Eye-ranians via illegal and unilateral, brutal economic sanctions.

But that’s alright since we’ll have our first gay bright, shiny whoever as the Secretary of Whatever, the first black Secretary of Defense and ten million women in the cabinet. Yay! I’ll go burn a whale and save a bra … or whatever.

The rot is deep. The rest is theatre. And the best seat in the house is in Tel Aviv.

Yes, today is truly a great day in American history.



Imagine the friends the United States would have the world over if we spent even a third of the trillion dollar (yes, with a “T”) defense related budget to provide medicine, food, shelter, roads, bridges, and education to countries we presently bomb or occupy with military bases? Rather than being viewed as the most threatening country to world peace, the United States would be the most loved.

War, what is it good for?

The cruelty of Pompouseo – who alone makes a strong argument
for the existence of Satan – knows no bounds. The only silver lining
is that in the overall picture he is dragging the American Empire
toward its demise.


All this pap about Biden somehow having his hands tied by what the Administration before him did in Yemen is just that.

Joe Biden was VP in the administration of Barack Obama and it was Barack Obama who helped initiate this war on Yemen alongside his Saudi allies. The hunger and atrocities were occurring when Barack Obama President as were arms sales to Saudi Arabia. Indeed Barack Obama was ordering drone strikes on the Houthi and the US Military was giving Saudi Arabia targets to hit which included food production facilities.

While trump made all of this even worse , stop trying to pretend this suffering was all due to Trump. Both Political parties are behind it and I do not see Biden changing course.


Thank you.
More diversionary tactics as you point out.
What we really need to be asking is,

Who tells Obama and Trump what to do?

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To follow what SuspiraDeProfundis said, it would be immensely helpful if people would stop acting as if Trump were the first president we ever had.
This is US government policy!

Biden will not change anything, he was part of the administration that begun the mess in Yemen.
The same can likely be said for Venezuela, our so called leaders have been attempting to overthrow that democracy for over 20 years. It was the Obama / Biden admin that claimed somehow Venezuela is a security threat.