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The Hubris of Democratic Elites, Clinton Campaign Gave Us President Trump


The Hubris of Democratic Elites, Clinton Campaign Gave Us President Trump

Kevin Gosztola

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, her network of super political action committees, and the liberal establishment relished a matchup against Donald Trump. However, her campaign failed to put forward an alternative for voters that would combat a candidate that tapped into the vast amount of disillusionment among citizens. Tsunamis of voters unaccounted for in state polls, who do not identify with either the Democratic or Republican Parties, made President Trump a reality.


"Democratic Party Elites...COERCED Sanders into falling in line" is correct.
"...because the last thing they wanted was a major shift toward more socially Democratic Policies."
In my view Kevin gets it right.


I agree, it's a well-written article. This loss is on the DNC. I wish Bernie had continued as an Independent or Green.


From regressive bipartisan 1986 tax reform to the current push to pass TPP during the lame duck period, Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) dogma designed to attract more corporate money than the GOP gets has been the Party's mission.

This has lead to the Party replacing the most progressive members of its base with Republicans that were often, but not always, unwilling to move as far to the right as the GOP has in recent years. Notice the record number of Republicans endorsing Clinton ? This strategy works for the Democrats some times, but not all the time.


Kevin Gosztola is a perceptive reporter and his articles have been right on. He is making a reputation as a respected progressive writer. I hope he maintains his world view and continues his fine work. Others, who started out as brilliant liberal spokespersons, such as Rachel Maddow, Chris Hays, Thom Hartmann, etc., sold their moral compasses and became shills for the Democratic Party. Great article, Kevin.


The Hubris, stupidity and dirty tricks of the Elites not only gave us Trump but lost the senate and the supreme court as well. Likely that Sanders could have avoided this triple disaster but the dems were unwilling to give up their lobbyists' "donations".


Perfectly said; thank you


Judging from mainstream media today, neoliberal hubris is getting worse, not better, with centrist pundits blaming everybody except the Democratic Party for landing Trump in the White House.


Slow learners, those elites. But when you're so sure you know it all already, why listen? Such self-confidence! An enviable but extremely dangerous weakness. Dangerous for everyone else. For themselves, merely inconvenient.


Notice as well how ex Reagan Republicans like Elizabeth Warren are deemed "progressives" ? The language itself is being manipulated. While Reaganism is to the left of what currently exists in the Democratic party in many ways, it was not progressive.

This is a form of conditioning itself wherein the only alternative to "Capitalism" is "Capitalism" and is the vehicle by which true Socialists and members of the left are defeated and co-opted.


In this year of the outsider every Democrat became a self styled progressive.


Excellent analysis.
One detail that no one is talking about yet: when we Berners said #NeverClinton we meant it, and when we decided she had to be stopped, we developed a strategy for that and carried that out, too.

Thanks to the efforts of journalists from CommonDreams and other indy news organizations, evidence was brought to light showing that Clinton is an extremely dangerous war monger (see 1 and 2 as examples of some of the sources) with global connections to the world's worst despots and terrorist supporters , and much more dangerous than unconnected Trump the potty mouth. Clearly, voting Green was not going to be enough to stop her, and stopped she had to be.

The strategy was developed and spread through social media to defeat her: swing state progressives, all Berners, would vote Trump to save the world from the WWIII that Clinton appeared bent on starting. Most participants said they had never voted for a GOP candidate before, even at the local level, but we were determined. Our information was solid and showed that a Clinton presidency threatened everyone and everything on the planet. We voted Trump. We provided the extra votes to stop the Clintonmachine, and it worked.

(1) http://www.commondreams.org/views/2016/02/05/hillary-candidate-war-machine

(2) https://newmatilda.com/2016/03/23/john-pilger-why-hillary-clinton-is-more-dangerous-than-donald-trump/?utm_campaign=shareaholic&utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=socialnetwork


I agree too.

An NPR analyst was talking today about how the Clinton campaign caused some sort of reaction among the voters. It was vacuous twaddle that totally missed the tidal wave of alienation, caused by decades of stagnation, among the about-to-be-former-middle-class.

The Dems lost this election, not by causing anything, but by failing to respond to the train-wreck right before their eyes.

Bernie resonated, especially with young people, because he was tuned-in to that widespread discontent, and espoused resistance and progress. The well-off clique in control of the DNC, on the other hand, was totally oblivious, and after they shot him down, the only game left in town was you-know-who.

There were three choices on the big stage: a positive response (Bernie); a negative response (Trump); and no response (Clinton). The decision to undercut Bernie left a vacuum that Clinton was completely unsuited to fill, and the result is an unimaginable burden for all of us.


Gosztola sez: "Clinton’s concession speech indicated the campaign and many of its
supporters are unwilling to confront the hubris of her presidential run."

Ayuh. Ran too far to the left, clearly. Look for another rightward shift for the '18 mid-terms.


Thanks for the valuable inside look.


Yes. And now it came back to bite them and us.


The BIG SHORT portrayed hubris more than any film I have seen in years:

"Its not what you don't know that gets you into trouble, its what you know for sure that just ain't so" - Mark Twain quote that flashed on the screen at the beginning of the film.

"In the end bankers were fined and jailed...NOT ! In the end they blamed poor people and immigrants and bailed out bankers" - final narrative in the film.


Another "progressive" for Trump. Congratulations on your win. I'm sure you will be very happy for the next four years.


I kinda think the serious expectation of nuclear war - documented by progressive analysts using validated sources for the data - from one candidate is a lil bit more important than the other candidate's stupidity and foul mouth. I"m weird that way.


Ah, the old "a vote for Clinton is a vote for the end of the entire world" argument. I didn't believe it then, nor do I believe it now. People were using so many hysterical terms when describing Clinton that they really started to believee the straw woman they'd created was the real thing. I never did. You must have seen those posts on this site from many commenters, most of which used overtly sexist language. Like racism, sexism isn't really talked about here.

Anyway, you got your wish. Clinton is not the president. The world is safe from nuclear destruction, I guess.