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The Hunger President: Trump Doctrine Takes from Poor, Gives to the Rich


The Hunger President: Trump Doctrine Takes from Poor, Gives to the Rich

John Feffer

One death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic.

The quote comes from Stalin. The policy comes from Donald Trump.

Trump famously changed his policy on Syria after seeing photographs of a couple Syrian children killed by a chemical attack. It didn’t matter that the Syrian government had already killed thousands of children. In targeting the Assad regime, Trump was moved by the tragedy, not the statistic.


Seeing how Trump has added things like facts, logic and statistics to his list of enemies that only he can protect his base from, his base doesn't care about "damning statistics". When Trump supporters end up living beneath bridges they will continue to blame Clinton, Obama and Trump's other contrived enemies for their plight. They will never blame Trump.


Since Trump is playing 'Robin Hood' in reverse, taking from the poor and giving to the rich, I reckon we should start calling him, 'Hood Robber.'

Whatever life form Trump is, he surely cannot be mistaken for being 'Human.'

100 days in and he is 'tiny hands' down, the worse s/elected politician our country has ever had the misfortune to experience.

Will someone please drop a house on this menace to society.


Seems to the be the next logical step in a three-decades long lurch to the right.

Discard any pretense of equal protection, stop pretending that exploiting every tappable natural resource and pool of low-wage labor is immoral, blame dark-skinned natives and all handy foreigners for whatever, deny the limits of a religion called capitalism.

Human beings reached the point where information and technology overload started working against all but the investor class in roughly 2000. Now we're just sliding into oblivion.


trump would not be where he is unless he was not part of it


That's exactly it. THREE DECADES LONG . I really wish people would think about that. All this started in the first couple years of Reagan's first term, yet 90% of Americans chose to credit card their way through the 80's and amass "stuff" as if nothing was wrong.
2000 was the time of change, on many fronts. Again, Americans continued to act like mice when the Supreme Court "installed" a government. It makes it hard to care when you look around and see so many people in this country who refuse to even sign a petition. Sorry, but in a way we deserved Trump.


It is said that everything King Midas touched turned to gold; so I would say that Trump already has the gold, so Trump is a King Midas in reverse....Everything Trump touches turns to: add your own expletives!