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The Hurt Was Evident: In the Shoes of A Child of Color In Tulsa Right Now


The Hurt Was Evident: In the Shoes of A Child of Color In Tulsa Right Now

As his family and community prepare to bury Terence Crutcher on Saturday, the students of a Tulsa middle school - including his daughter and almost 10 of his relatives - still struggle to process his death. Painfully aware that "we are shaping their world view with blood and bullets," a popular teacher just led three group discussions to allow kids to grieve, weep, speak their fears - "Do I matter?" - and their plaintive hopes: "I wish white people could give us a chance."


These kids ought to be dealing with acne, hair issues, sports, and grades and complaining about their parents not that fact that they, their siblings and parents could be gunned down for no reason by racist, out of control militarized police…
You would think we could have pushed society more forward than this by now… We have been undone and effectively destroyed by conservative rhetoric, faux liberal and progressive blather and lack of any true commitment and … an oligarchy bent on pitting one element of society against another in order to keep the entire population afraid and angry.
Congrats oligarchs - your work is complete…


“I ask that you love and love hard.”: In the end this is all that matters but we must hate and hate hard injustice and oppression wherever they rear their ugly heads.


“I wish white people could give us a chance”

Wrong lesson.

Correct lesson:

I wish rich people could give us a chance.


I wish the oligarchy ( your ‘rich’ ) would be very much more afraid of pitchforks at their door that they are now. They think what they are doing - the racial divide and conquer, the terrorism fears that they are stoking, the over the top military worship and jingoist patriotism is enough to keep the masses occupied. But it won’t be eventually.
The mass of oppressed, marginalized, overworked, underpaid, imprisioned, and threatened people that make up 99% of the populations are going to have nothing more to lose at some point and then you will see something more terrifying take place than these elites could ever imagine. They and their children running from the breached walls of their compounds fleeing for their lives abandoned and hunted by the very flunkies they employed to keep them safe…
And not that the horrid mess to come will produce a better world. It won’t - history shows us that at every turn… But it will be a horrifying release of decades upon decades of bottled up rage…
It is going to be a truly terrifying world when the oppressed masses around the world rise up in unison…


“People of privilege will always risk their complete destruction rather than surrender any material part of their advantage” John Kenneth Galbraith


A little known–because little publicized–fact
is that “whites” have been dying at the hands of the police in far
larger than “blacks”. See https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/national/police-shootings/2

Which is not to deny that there can be a racial component as well,
but the portrayal of police violence in strictly racial terms by
politicians and the media has a definite political purpose.

It’s what the ancient Romans used to call divide-and-conquer.

From the World Socialist Website:

“Of the 25 people shot to death by the police in the past week,
beginning with Tyre King, at least half were white, according to the
grisly tally kept by killedbypolice.net. Of the 702 people shot to
death by police this year, according to a database maintained by the
Washington Post, 163 were black men, about 23 percent of the total.
Whites made up roughly half the victims, while Hispanics, Native
Americans, Asians, black women and people of mixed race made up the

“What nearly all the victims of police violence have in common is
that they are part of the working class, and usually its poorest layers.
Their deaths are a consequence of the basic social function of the
police, as the armed bodies of men who defend the wealth and privileges
of the financial aristocracy against the lower orders.”


Police goons shoot any moving target with any number of excuses: (http://www.truth-out.org/buzzflash/commentary/fifteen-enraging-excuses-police-give-after-killing-unarmed-people). I would venture to guess that the white victims of police brutality were not stopped as many times as the non-white victims (Crutcher had been stopped no less than 52 times for alleged minor traffic violations without being ticketed) but their commonality is that they were either perceived (by police) or were actually poor, homeless, panhandling, or driving a clunker. Maricopa County Sheriff Arpaio (Arizona) has his deputies stop any and all Hispanic drivers regardless of their sex to make sure they are not “undocumented,” which is harassment. Police in the City of Seattle shot a Native American homeless man who was a carver while he was sitting on the sidewalk working on a carving…the policeman said that this “person of interest” was 'waving his knife" and he then shot the carver several times thus murdering him at a very close range. The DOJ then “investigated” the incident (and several others wherein the majority of the targeted being non-whites were harassed and/or shot) that resulted in a DoJ directive, which to this day has not been adhered to like the majority of other DoJ directives administered to several other major urban centers in the U.S.

Who do the police “protect and serve” when they kill innocent “perps” (their perceptions): only themselves and their penchant for violence and abuse of power while hiding behind their guns/shields/uniforms/body armor/cars/riot gear.