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The Hybrid War Against Iran

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/25/hybrid-war-against-iran

Trump doesn’t care that these many sanctions are powerful motivators for countries to get free of relying on the dollar and US financial system because to do so will take time, beyond his Presidency. We will pay the price then, thanks Donald, but he’ll get his now – a good deal for any narcissist.

It’s doubly bad for us that these sanctions are not in pursuit of U.S. general interests and in some degree not in U.S. interests at all. How exactly is Iran or Venezuela threatening to the US?


America is a very sad place, because all its wars have been lies. After Vietnam it was amazing that anyone in the world had a positive thought of America.
Sanctions are America’s way of killing off people of foreign nations----and the way that Trump, Pompeo, and Bolton treat the world----I am almost looking forward to China being the world leader. The current government seems so disconnected from the people and the planet. I am amazed that any nations believe anything the government says. We are not number ONE in the world , we are numbered as DUMB . : (

Ignorance is a weapon as malign as any munition

The incredibility of USA, specifically its historical association with so many false-flag incidents and cooked data to provoke wars, presents USA antagonists with an interesting tactical opportunity Jim Kavanagh describes in Eve of Destruction: Iran Strikes Back:

The ambiguity about whether or not Iran was responsible for either of the tanker attacks demonstrates that Iran is in a position where it could stage a series of plausibly deniable incidents, taking advantage of the justifiable suspicions about US patterns of behavior to turn the US’s own historical actions and present Boltonesque war-whoops against themselves to create what are essentially false false flags.

It appears Mr. Kavanagh has re-imagined a story originally published as The Boy Who Cried Wolf, casting Iran as the wolf.

It takes little imagination to identify the “boy” in this fable.

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This is the last time I’ll respond to you, because you need to be gently reminded, in a friendly way, that those who find your handle utterly abhorent might reasonably assume that you are too. This kind of shit isn’t funny anymore.

Both willing to go off the dollar, like Iraq and Lybia.

Hi Aleph_Null:
Maybe too many Americans look at war movies about America and think that the movies are the real events! Actually the war people are sad people, because a person can’t believe them.
Since the GW Bush announcement of :Mission Accomplished after his original WMD lies ,: maybe we should just suit him back up in the flyer’s suit and tell him , " you started it, you finish it. " And then don’t let him back into the country until he does fix it-----or die trying!

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But going off the dollar was (is) a response to US action not the cause of that action.