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The 'Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds,' Says Weingarten as Trump Cancels GOP Convention While Urging Schools to Reopen

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/24/hypocrisy-knows-no-bounds-says-weingarten-trump-cancels-gop-convention-while-urging


When the schools finally do reopen I suggest that there be a substantial amount of curriculum at the high school level in civics dedicated to the folly of the Trump administration. It should be supplemented by that of the administrations of Obama, Bush II, Clinton, Bush, … Oliver Stone would probably write the text and provide engaging video supplements for free.


I’m sure Trump and Devos are already working on a plan to defund schools that say anything critical of him.

Go to DN! to read about the CDC’s advisory on returning to school: “children face social, emotional and mental risks if kept at home”.

Also, the school that Trump’s son Barron goes to is apparently not going to reopen.


You beat me to it. These hypocritical fuckers are beyond insane.


Maybe Trump’s insistence on opening schools means he plans to test his new army of neo-nazi goons in a classroom environment.

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Does anyone still have any questions as to the meaning and implication of the term “malignant” when applied to the pattern of psychotic disorders referred to as narcissism?

There will one day be gratitude for Donald J. Trump: when the medical discipline produces his case study.

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At this point “in person” schooling - k thru college - is out of the question for the fall.

Trump has punted responsibility to states, governors have punted responsibility to districts - setting the stage for en epic nationwide debacle.


People… we are alone in this, and we must take matters into our own hands.


STATES all seem to be underfunded –
Here in NJ, Gov. Murphy is saying the schools will be short $1 BILLION
without more Federal help - -

Unfortunately while our REVOLUTION focuses on getting rid of Trump and
fascist Senate, and though progress has been made in liberalizing state
governments – the fascist right may be able to block increases in Elite taxes/
corporate taxes.

Anyone here more familiar with where those questions are overall statewide?

And I think the Congress moved to a 2/3 rds vote on any increases in taxes on wealthy?

And still very concerned with what Trump is doing with “Federal” forces in various states!!!

The real silent majority is too busy LIBERALS who don’t as often respond to the constancy
of fascist claims/complaints – but think we’re catching up.

I’m retired and drive a school bus for mad money. I asked my supervisor would students, teachers, maintenance personnel, kitchen personnel, counselors, security, bus drivers, and aides be tested before school opens and during the course of the school year. No was the answer, and a member of the school board for my district wanted to test before schools open and during the year. Board members laughed at the gentleman. States are broke! It would cost millions of dollars to keep folks alive and safe! Working folks aren’t important. Just airhead jocks, entertainers, and other wealthy vampires. Keep your kids HOME!

“Every society is three meals away from chaos”

Vladimir Lenin

America has crossed
America has crossed
You’ve crossed the
Crossed the
No turning back
You’ve looked into the abyss
The abyss stares back
You’ve crossed the Rubicon.


The Christian Right part of the Base home-school their children. (For a very disturbing documentary on what these children are being taught, please see Jesus Camp). The rest, if in rural areas, focus more on sports than academics and will be grateful to return to Friday Night Lights.
I don’t know why, but I have a strong feeling Trump will be by-passed by a group of rogue delegates from must-win states and select DeWine of Ohio as the candidate. He has high street cred, and, if he choses someone from the South as Veep, he’ll be a candidate to watch. The GOP honchos are tired of the 3 1/2 years of chaos. They want someone who’s sane, savvy, and talks in complete sentences. Such a candidate will make the Dims wish they had paid more attention to a candidate devoted to issues and not just focusing on dumping Trump.

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Before allowing your child to attend school this fall, at least be informed as to the level of disease in your school district. Then decide whether it is safe to send them or not.

This is the Rubicon for many of us. If Americans are finally going to wake up we will see what level of civil unrest we are ready for.

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Workers can continue to work from home –
children can be educated via videos, computers, on line instruction –

We don’t need cars on the roads spreading more pollution for the virus
to travel on –

This kind of reminds me of the NRA spreading guns every where to kill us and
create violence in our societies – but NO GUNS at the NRA meetings!

Believe the schools have at least since beginning of summer asking parents
what they are willing to do re sending kids to school –
discussing many options – like 3 days weeks – alternating students on different
days in order to keep spacing between children …

Asking for parents input on what how and when and under what conditions they
would be willing to send their kids back.

Our stupid, very stupid president has a personal vendetta against our nurses and our public school teachers. He basically wants to kill them off with the corona virus. He knows (oxymoron) that children can be carriers of the covid-19 while showing no symptoms and can easily transmit to the teachers and other school workers and parent volunteers. Trump is a psychotic desperado like a cornered wild animal thrashing around to save his ass from the hangman’s noose. As a president he has immunity against criminal prosecution but the minute he walks off the steps of the WH in 2021 he is fair game for prosecutors from New York and elsewhere. He is smart enough to knows that. Not too dumb when it comes to saving his hide.

For me, the shock factor has been gone for some time now. Nearly every day brings us a new bizarro world event from the house of trump.
What’s worse than a horrible leader. Piling ever mounting hypocrisy on it.

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Unfortunately I think that has been the effective strategy of the Trump regime to get so many things through. Just do more and more insane stuff that we eventually become numb to it at this point. Granted this is a tactic a lot of administrations in general do but Trump is making an art of it almost.

Sounds like a good measuring stick to me, when Barron goes back to school, the rest of parents will send their kids back to school.

That’s right. An example this evening was a TV guy complaining how distracted the trump response to covid-19 is, and left it at that. I thought, where is the list of hundreds of those little and big distractions?

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