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The Hypocrisy of Obama’s Gun Control Crusade


The Hypocrisy of Obama’s Gun Control Crusade

Garry Leech

President Barack Obama took to the stage last week to announce the latest initiative in his crusade to make it more difficult for Americans to purchase firearms. He even shed some tears for American children killed in mass shootings. But there is a blatant hypocrisy in Obama’s position on domestic gun control given that he has bombed more countries during his time in office than any president since World War Two. Where are his tears for the innocent Afghan, Iraqi, Pakistani, Libyan, Syrian, Somalian and Yemeni children who have been killed by his use of drones and other weapons?


"As part of his strategy to limit the access to guns of non-law abiding citizens, Obama called for more thorough background checks of potential gun buyers. In other words, officials of the government that is the world’s leading mass killer will determine if potential gun buyers might be mass killers."

Right-on analogy.

But then, we're living in upside-down times.

After all, the same Big Banks that forced the public to cover their casino capitalism debts (into the trillions) are the ones who determine citizens' credit scores and credit-worthiness!

And at one point, committees of nuns and men decided the law pertaining to women's reproductive rights (and sovereignty over their own bodies).

So long as militarism trumps all other objectives--as is proven by the percentage of U.S. tax income allotted to the MIC & Homeland Security & the Dept. of Veterans' Affairs, & "alphabet agencies" black-ops--then the only operational law will be: Might Makes Right.

What I find most reprehensible are the number of supposed religious institutions that support these WARS OF TERROR! Too many view the world through the prism of teams and team sports and vie for the top "Number One" title.

THAT is not what their spiritual prophets taught. In fact, it's the quintessential blasphemy!


"In the first five years of Obama’s presidency, more than 2,500 people were killed by US drone strikes in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen."

I guess the Nobel Peace Prize didn't make him peaceful...
Oh well, not the first Nobel candidate to raise eyebrows. Stalin was nominated twice...


I don't see anything hypocritical in Obama's statement. It refers to domestic violence including homicides, suicides, mass killings, and acts of terrorism. On the military side he inherited two wars started by George W Bush. War is a separate category. It is legal to kill in war as long as a war crime is not committed (but many are). In modern warfare it is virtually impossible to avoid some deaths of civilians. We should of course try to stop this carnage but it is a separate category from domestic deaths from shootings. The main problem with Obama's measures is that they are unlikely to accomplish much if anything at all. People should criticize Obama's foreign policy but does anyone have a better foreign policy? Speak up.


Domestic violence has everything to do with foreign violence. As above so below. Obama has continued almost all of Bush's policies and then some. He only gives better speeches and fakes tears. Those tears looked awfully fake.

All the gun control in the world is not going to help as long as the empire continues the wars and control of other lands. When the head is infected with violence the whole body suffers.


As a matter of fact, yes. Immediate freeze on all military equipment and aid to all of our clients and "allies" in the region, including Israel. Call for other major suppliers to join us. Get serious, get real, you'll probably say, but "realpolitik" is going to do us to death. Your remarks concerning the legality of war and of war conduct are completely erroneous. The drone operations do not conform in any manner to the due diligence that would confer legal justification to excuse the disproportionately large and on-going civilian casualties, not to mention that the drone flights themselves violate the sovereignty of all nations 24/7.

"War is the summation of all evil," which is why it is to be avoided, and is therefor proscribed by international treaties which the US helped author and has signed. The invasion and occupation of Iraq was illegal. A better foreign policy would entail getting our military, our government, and our god-damned selves back on the correct side of the law.


An excellent article. Barack Obama is head of an apparatus that murders people the world over including Children and no person should ever consider his words regarding the deaths of innocents as genuine. He is an actor nothing more and his tears signify nothing but an ability to ACT the part of a person who cares.


Excellent article. I'd like to take it one step further and point out that the eliminationist ideology embedded in US foreign policy sets an example - "Kill the bad guys to make things better" - an example every school yard bully in America sees on TV every day, an example seen every day by every person with a grievance against anyone else. So we are conditioned to a "kill the bad guy" mentality that kicks in when dealing with "others" or when anger flares. Boom!

Alternatively, a foreign policy based on diplomacy but above all on cooperation instead of domination would send a completely different message - work together to find mutually beneficial solutions, talk through differences instead of reaching for weapons instead.

It would also help if the US government would focus on establishing democracy here at home before trying to export the corporate crony capitalism it claims to be "democracy", especially at the point of so many guns.

We could all own thousands of firearms each, but if we were committed to getting along together no one would get hurt. That is obvious on the face of it, and allows the NRA to spout "Guns don't kill people, people kill people" - which is true! And by focussing on the guns, rather than the underlying problems, the corporate Dems who rely on the divisiveness of the gun issue to rally their base do an injustice to the Truth. Obama and sHillary are responsible for more death and destruction than all the mass shootings in the US since 9-11. But they hide behind the gun issue to pretend they are part of the solution, not the crux of the problem.


EXACTLY ! HEAR HEAR! My thoughts precisely!


Crocodile tears. Put a million in the slot and watch the puppet weep.


Also, what about deporting women and children back to the countries whose violence they fled? Where are the tears for them?


Curiously, you leave out Bush, jr., Cheney, Alberto Gonzales, David Addington, John Yoo, Donald Rumsfeld, General Petraeus, Colin Powell, and the rest of the "Start the Wars & Torture! Brigade."


Curiously, you leave out Bush, jr., Cheney, Alberto Gonzales, David Addington, John Yoo, Donald Rumsfeld, General Petraeus, Colin Powell, and the rest of the "Start the Wars & Torture! Brigade."

Last time I looked not one of those you mention is a corporate Dem.


Him and old Bohener must have had a few belts of scotch at lunch and got all weepy eyed...


Excellent article by Garry Leech!

Obama as Commander in Chief of the armed warring forces, needs gun control, bombing control, drone control and murder control of innocent men, women and children euphemistically called " collateral damage".

Obama's hypocritical lachrymose for gun violence in America, was the epitome of hypocrisy! Obama is nothing but a sociopath! Who weeps, not because he really cares or feels bad for people, but because it is politically expedient. How can a man with no conscience, who is responsible and culpable for so many murderous deaths of so many innocent people in foreign lands really feel?


and the hate continues


Obama has nothing to lose by advocating gun control, seeing how his upcoming TPP, TTIP and TISA will enable arms/ammo companies to sue governments that restrict arms/ammo sales, effectively eliminating any gun control that is put in place.


Yes, Bush Jr, Cheney, Gonzalez, Rummy, and especially the odious John Yoo, among others I will not list in toto, are clearly war criminals deserving condemnation and prosecution, IMO. Your comments and erudition also add a great deal to our understanding of many issues here, and we can count on you to add to what are sometimes our limited or incomplete comments but I humbly suggest that you also sometimes confront when no such confrontation seems warranted. In this case it seems to me unnecessary and confrontational (please forgive me if I am being unnecessary) to add "curiously, you leave out" to MountainMan's comment referring to and responding to "Obama's hypocrisy" on domestic gun control and foreign attacks/atrocities that kill/maim many children also deserving tears and empathy. I don't se it as "curious" at all. MountainMan makes some excellent points and if we added every aspect of our often complicated thoughts, our comments sometimes might be as long as the piece or premise we are commenting on. No confrontation here, only a very gentle suggestion to give some slack and credit where credit is due.......


It seems clear to me, and many others here, that Prez Obama has a very selective moral compass regarding the killings/murders of children. he appears to shed tears at the hideous murders of American children but at the very same instant, children in our war zones are being killed and blown apart by our forces and by our proxy war-criminal "allies". I and others have referred to his tears as "crocodile tears" that ignore all the thousands of children slaughtered in foreign wars (and occupation) and the apparent absence of any such empathy or action to end such by Obama&Co.

The timing of Obamas performance also seems very suspect as the Dem "frontrunner" so-called, Hill the "annointed one", is running into trouble named Bernie Sanders. The votes cast on "gun control" by Sanders are hypocritically being used (clearly transparent) by Hill and Obama to cast doubt on sanders' moral compass when both Hill and Obama have so much blood of men, women and children on their hands, their attack on Sanders votes is absurd and so shallow and bereft of honesty that I would find it hilarious, were it not so horrible, contemptible and hypocritical, that either Obama or Hill could make such charges with a straight face.........