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The Hypocrisy of William Barr's Spying Claims

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/04/hypocrisy-william-barrs-spying-claims

Now here’s a perfect example of a need for birth control.

Waste of human flesh just doesn’t do "justice."

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“Justice” would be a tank full of piranhas, to prevent such waste. The slow lowering mechanism I envision would be a feature and not a bug.

Shades of Vincent Price, “The Pit and he Pendulum.”

We have allowed trump to install a lot of ridiculous people in high places, but the head of the justice dept. is probably the worst from Sessions on down.

What a flimsy justice system. We have provisions to punish non compliant receivers of subpoenas. Fines should have already been levied, or jail imposed on Barr, Hicks, the prez’s lawyer dude, and anyone else that is supporting this conspiracy by not showing up for hearings. If it was you or me, we would be sitting in jail right now.

Barr may be winning on the spying issue. Originally the term spying was thrown back as a wrongful description and should be reffered to as investigation. But TV commentators are regularly using SPY. Barr wins that round, and it is just beginning to have affect.
We are the frog in the pot, one degree at a time.

My, we do have an imagination, don’t we WiseOwl?

Attorney General William Barr is practiced, skillful, proficient, seasoned, talented at shutting the courthouse door on surveillance. He has had the privileged of keeping state by state, county by county secrets of the most deplorable, shameful, inexcusable type, child trafficking in the United States. Talk about eviscerating meaningful accountability why did he numb the PROMIS (no e ) Prosecutors Management Information System when he was Attorney General in the 1980’s? The PROMIS computer system had the ability to track pedophiles and pederasts in high and low places. The theft of the PROMIS computerizes tracking system by the Department of Justice was the first time we learned about back door surveillance: and I am not talking about Iran-Contra or the theft by Israel. Where is the good reporting on this penal surveillance dragnet? If reporters are seeking justice or Justice start by reading all you can on the Franklin cover-up. I am sick of this distracted surveillance state of affairs. But then most reporters investigating PROMIS and child trafficking in the United States have been suicided, disappeared or killed. Let’s fight a real battle. Attorney General William Barr you owe US Justice.

And while I am on the subject of the despicable Attorney General William Barr let look at Edward Meese III who did the Commission on Pornography (1980’s) which should have been The Commission on Child Pornography. The Commission on Pornography was done in the 1970’s. Look at the names on Meese’s Commission on Pornography: Father Bruce Ritter, Dr. James Dobson, Henry Hudson, Alan Sears. Talk about having Dominion over surveillance. Talk about not paying attention to science: let’s take the focus on all the reported child sex crimes in the 1970’s and 1980’s and put the focus on adult pornography. Smoke and mirrors. Attorney General Edward Meese III was also involved in the theft of PROMIS, Prosecutor’s Management Information System, that had the capability of tracking pedophiles and pederasts. Attorney General William Barr we have had the tools to stop child sex abuse and human trafficking in the United States and you stole a PROMIS. You owe US Attorney General William Barr.

Wow smitty70, haven’t seen anything on Promis software in quite a while. Most here probably haven’t heard if it, so below is a link with a background on the subject.


Some background on the company that wrote the code.


I am familiar with some of the material you mentioned. My focus is stopping child sexual abuse and child trafficking. I believe we could have gotten a handle on United State’s child trafficking in the 1970’s -80’s by using PROMIS. Amy Bach’s book “Ordinary
Injustice, How America Holds Court” speaks to how we have no data on prosecutors. Her team is developing a county by county tracking of prosecutors called Measures 4 Justice.

Yes, PROMIS was valued for many reasons. All the stated reasons take the focus off of the studies done with PROMIS on child trafficking and child sexual abuse. This was a time when repressed memories of child abuse was devaluing hundreds of children’s account
of abuse. The problem was epidemic then and the problem of child sex trafficking is epidemic now.

I am not an investigative journalist or a writer. I have no expertise. I just wonder why the slaying of a child’s soul is so overlooked. Why are we not protesting in the streets over this administration’s separation of families on the boarder? Why are people

The theft of PROMIS by the Justice Department will always be about child abuse in my opinion. Meese, Barr, Jensen, they all knew what they were doing. Sears, Keating, Dobson, Ritter, you can even throw in a Khashoggi (Adnan) and hear the same players today.
If a person could live to tell the story (most have not) there would be a paradigm shift in the world.