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The I-Alone-Can-Fix-It President Vows to Solve Healthcare Fight at 'Lunchtime'

The I-Alone-Can-Fix-It President Vows to Solve Healthcare Fight at 'Lunchtime'

Jon Queally, staff writer

During last year's campaign, he said, "I alone can fix it."

"Nobody knew health care could be so complicated," President Donald Trump declared in February.

In April, Trump admitted he thought being president "would be easier."

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“Though Trump has never offered any compelling evidence he even understands the policies…”

Best opener I’ve read in a long time. You know it is true too! Trump doesn’t know.

Thanks Jon. I needed that laugh.


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Yes, ironically Donald Trump will fix healthcare by revealing what a failure the for profit system is in the delivery of decent and affordable healthcare.

Well, it appears they’re ( Republicans ) going back to take another bite of the rotten healthcare apple. The Trump/McConnell Cabal is forcing a vote on The Motion To Proceed next Wednesday, 07/25.
Their campaign donors want those huge tax cuts, dammit. And, you can’t get them by merely blowing a bigger revenue hole in their already huge deficit-spending budget, of course. Even Republicans won’t be able to sell that additional backend-loaded debt bomb in their districts and states.
We’re seeing Republicans trying to give 70-75% of Americans both ends of the shitty stick, at once. Which is a pretty good trick if you can pull it off.

More debt and worse healthcare, is on the menu.
How much will people eat is the question.


Mindless, clueless, intellectually deprived, and cruel/vengeful DJT cannot solve any problem himself, which is why he has a trail of used-up attorneys behind him. But he does know how to bulls- - t his way out of a blivet…he thinks.

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