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The Icelandic Pirate Party and the Search for a New Democracy


The Icelandic Pirate Party and the Search for a New Democracy

Adam Eichen, Gabriel Dunsmith

Inside a modernist warehouse alongside the ocean in Reykjavík, Iceland’s capital city, four men sit around a table discussing the country’s drug policies. A skull-and-crossbones flag adorns the wall and a cheap blow-up sword hangs over one door frame. Though they aren’t wearing eyepatches or hunting for treasure, these Icelanders call themselves Pirates, and they are drafting policy for a new, insurgent political party, the Pirate Party.


De-religifying politics–excellent!


Contrary to the claims of those that are the one percent , suggesting there too much democracy and only they are qualified to lead, a Democracy built from the bottom up can and will thrive. When the people that implement policy have to live the consequences each and every day I believe you get better policy.

The 1 percent use their money wealth and power to shield themselves from the consequences of their actions which as we can see leads to disaster. The Corporations structure is modeled on that 1 percent view of the world, that being the liability for what they do is limited.


With two sociopaths at the forefront of US elections, Eichen and Dunsmith saying “the US appears to be tilting toward oligarchy” is as charitable as me characterizing the two front runners as sociopaths…for anybody not afflicted with chronic denial, the US is way beyond tilting.


Iceland learned something crucial about fixing government, now possible in this age of technology and computers. That representative government is hardly democracy. That if its not direct, its not really democracy.

Lest we forget when 300 million of us give our power to 545 representatives:

“Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely”.


Yes, Democracy was forced to walk the plank many moons ago.


And pirate outfits would be fun.

Ah, what the hell. The Sans Sanders Revolution might as well have a little fun. The Pirate Party it is!

Cluck cluck cluck…arrrrgggghhhhh ye with the chicken with the eye patch?


Aye Matey, time to create the systems and processes that will deliver to We the People what is rightfully ours and endowed by creation. Direct democracy holds promise and as we are learning can be employed through party mechanisms in a representative democracy. Right now technology exists that would allow our elected representatives to consult their constituents on upcoming votes. But engaging the US population is such an activity won’t be easy when so many USAmericans think democracy is simply voting every two years.

The two-party system really has us whipped. How long voters will continue to take their lashes before freeing themselves from the chains of the two-party system is yet to be determined, but that moment appears to be coming in the not too distant future. Weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen!