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'The Ignorance Is Astounding': Citing Cold Weather, Trump Says US 'Could Use A Little Bit of Global Warming'


'The Ignorance Is Astounding': Citing Cold Weather, Trump Says US 'Could Use A Little Bit of Global Warming'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Weather is not the same as climate. The president should be able to understand that. It isn't hard."


“As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.” — H. L. Mencken


And this is at least the second time!!!


The great pumpkin speaks (or tweets) - the most shallow, iun-educated, narrow of experience (“hey, I’m a businessman, the best the world has ever seen”), bigoted/sexist, astoundingly tone-deaf, fuckin idiot/moron/cretin/fool pathological liar/narcissist we have ever had to (hopefully endure) endure - science is not clearly his strong suit - but then again what is?

Even the other R’Con prez figureheads of the past and Congress members (some anyway) don’t even come close to the orange chimp’s astounding stupidity and ignorance!!..I guess he vomits-out the shit he does to distract us and divert our attention from the important work/organizing of defeating his supporter Republican co-conspirators and educating those who believed but now (hopefully) see they were lied-to and duped…hopefully. Stupidity is rampant in the US of A…and DINO hacks too full of their own power and self-interest.
Happy safe New Year to all the brothers and sisters!


If it weren’t so consequential it wold be laughable. This disinformation machine is scary. We will have the heat he is looking for when our rivers are once again on fire.


Twit sez: “In the East, it could be the COLDEST New Year’s Eve on record.”

Hmm … a potential cold-temperature record in the heart of the Northern Hemisphere’s winter. Shocking.

On the other hand, this feels less like ignorance than garden-variety politicking. Or rather, industrial agriculture-variety politicking. Warming the cockles of his base, as it were.


Donnie really, really does not get why places like Erie, PA have been slammed with snow as a result of Global Climate Change. Due to GCC, Lake Erie has been getting much warmer than normal during recent Summers (mid to upper 70’s), so it takes longer for it to freeze over in the Winter, like now, when polar winds start blowing over it, causing massive lake effect snow to fall on the downwind Eastern side. During a couple of recent Winters, the lake never did freeze over, due to rising average Summer temperatures.


Of course his statement(s) is disturbing-but it is not surprising. This is what will be said by a person of his mental state; ignorant things. Don’t get me wrong; he is not “stupid”, not in the literal sense. He is just willfully, and pathologically ignorant about real science. He makes Dubya look like a Mensa candidate, only by comparison. But this is what you get when you put a Bozo in the White House-you get clownish statements!


Reality check. Go here, and you will see that over the past week, the setting of record daily high temperatures still outstripped the setting of record daily low temperatures by more than five to one…


and this is just the CONUS area - not global…


We are so doomed. Happy New Year !!!


“Climate holocaust co-conspirator” would be a fitting term for all those (trump exhibit A) that deny anthropogenic caused warming and human induced sixth extinction. These . . creatures . . not only deny/reject but are actively ramping up the intentional murder of all life on the planet.

Does it get much worse than that?

I think not.

“ it is a crime to tell enabling lies about future murders—it’s called conspiracy to commit murder.”


The Planet Earth dose not care what Trumpy says. Climate Change is growing every year. Freezing winters. Blazing forest fires. Record heat waves. Hurricanes. Every parent should be concerned about their children’s future. If the Republicans are not crushed in 2018, we will be in a psychopath hell. We will have to Force the Democrats to do what the voters need and demand. Tax the rich. Stop the wars! Save the ecosystem! Educate our young people without bankrupting them! Perk walk Trumpy to a maximum security prison!!!


Responding to Trump’s and the GOP’s statements with logic and facts is a waste of time. For at least the past two decades our local GOP voters have taken pride in the GOP getting away with serial lying and are fully aware that Trump. the GOP and their faux news channel continue to be the source of more fake news than all other sources combined.


Nothing short of armed revolution will accomplish your goals.


Wrong!!! Violence accomplished nothing in history except more violence and more suffering. Gandhi proved that non violent revolution works. Tens of millions of people can bring sanity to our psychopath nightmare.


The very mild winters are the main reason the lake did not freeze over the past two winters.

And the summer warming, combined with unregulated fertilizer runoff (US farmers love Trump) is causing those awful toxic algae blooms in the shallow western end of the lake. Something I’ve always wanted to do is take a B and B vacation on the western Lake Erie islands and visit that amazing sand point on Pelee Island, but water is so awful in the summer now…


Focusing on Trump is easy, but global warming has been a problem for decades before he showed up.

Focusing on the corporate ghouls who own the energy industry and the US government, and doing something about them, would be a more fruitful plan.


Actually, Gandhi’s belief in nonviolence was not nearly as absolute as you think - he regarded satyagraha as a tactic that should always be tried first, not a foolish religion to be followed when your adversary is slaughtering you. Also, it was at least as much the armed Indian insurgencies as Gandhi who convinced the British to get out of India.

And yes, armed revolution has worked well in ejecting oppressive regimes and imperialist regimes in many places throughout history - the US**, Cuba, Nicaragua, Haiti, Mexico, the Bolivarian states of S. America, many African nations, Algeria…

** Speaking tactically here - we would be much better off today had the powdered wig aristocrat insurgency of 1776 never happened. Just look across the 49th to see for yourself.


The arrogance of a US-centric point-of-view. The US land mass accounts for less than two percent of the global surface area.

United States weather does not represent global climate.


I’m sure that his base (as in baser instincts?), will respond to this ignorant comment with glee!
We are now, roughly half of us, a nation in which prideful ignorance is much admired. Ignorance, myth, superstition and illusion now rule the day in our government, and much of our society.