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The Imaginary Cuban Troops in Syria


The Imaginary Cuban Troops in Syria

Matt Peppe

Fair-and-balanced Fox News reported on Wednesday that "Cuban military operatives reportedly have been spotted in Syria, where sources believe they are advising President Bashar al-Assad's soldiers and may be preparing to man Russian-made tanks to aid Damascus in fighting rebel forces backed by the U.S." Fox's claim of an imaginary enemy alliance relies on two sources: the University of Miami's Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies and an anonymous U.S. official.


This is the same FOX that brought you their expert, but bogus former CIA operative Wayne Simmons. Right, credible sources. As the goofy old blue haired lady coming out one of those ridiculous Broadway comedy performances said to the bogus journalist opinion taker in front of the theater: "It made me laugh until I cried". I'm surprised that besides the "University of Miami's Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies and an anonymous U.S. official" did not also include members of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI). Or is it in fact Mr. Simmons who is/was the "anonymous U.S. official", or has he already been relegated to the hoosegow.


In a functioning Democracy with a Judicial System that doesn't protect Power, a network like FOX would have lost its license for pushing the ridiculous narrative that blamed Saddam Hussein for 911. The problem with food for thought consisting of 98% disinformation is that when ACTUAL truth is brought forward to expose the lies told often (and thereby, often believed), viewers of networks like FOX don't believe the genuine alternative!

Fox wants to see sanctions maintained against Cuba and no meaningful open borders. So it has to tell its viewers of all of Cuba's alleged horrors... again, 98% of their narrative being FAKE.

Tragically, the other major networks are also strong in the Deception Department and to a large extent, give Fox's ridiculous liberties (taken against what's true) cover. They all built false cases for war against Iraq... That (war of aggression) is the Supreme Crime Against Humanity! And they all continue on with their manicured P.R. versions of actual events, masters of malfeasance... all.

It's a grotesque mess.

A lot of people figure that what's on T.V. must be real. The argument is that TV siphons off real talent and real intelligence... that's why most viewers are not enjoying an enviable on-air status.


Follow the money.

Fox news is owned by Rupert Murdoch.

Rupert Murdoch sits on the board of Genie Energy along such other people as Larry Summers, Dick Cheney ,Jacob Rothschild and James Woolsey. Genie recently announced a major oil find in Israel which is in fact in the Golan heights which like the West bank were illegaly seized and occupied by Israel.

If Syria collapses it will be much easier to "annex" the Golan heights into Israel proper. Foreign firms will find it much less likely they will get expelled than if these lands ever returned to the State of Syria.


By the way this is something else youw ill not see on Fox news.

While the US complains Russia is bombing US trained "rebels" in Syria , the USA did in fact bomb and destroy a power plant near Aleppo. This power plant was integral to the operation of a water treatment plant in the city. Just as in Iraq when the US bombed powerstations and water treatment plants there , this is leading to more diseases among the people from drinking contaminated water.

In Iraq this lead in part to the death of some 500000 Children a number Ms Albright deemed as "worth it", I can only wonder at the target the US Government shoots for here. (or is that bombs for)


Sometimes I think Cuba would be better off without its new friends.


An interesting poll was done in the UK. While the media hammers home the Putin is the devil meme , 70 percent of those polled support Putin , believe he is at least honest when he details what his goals are and believe they being lied to by the Western media.


I dont think I would hold it against Cuba if Cuban troops were helping to save Syria from a Libya like devastation. It is almost certainly not true, but had it been true, I would have thought it to be a good cause.


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You might have misunderstood. Why would the US destroy Aleppo infrastructure? The forces holding that city are the ones the US and Saudis support.

The only ones bombing Aleppo and advancing towards the city are Russian air assets and Syrian government ground troops.


No I did not "misunderstand". The US is trying to topple Assad and by destroying infrastructure they hope the people will grow frustrated with the governmnet and join the rebels.

This is the EXACT REASON they destroyed infrastructure in Iraq during Gulf War 1. They felt if the people grew angry enough they would rise up.Documents released under the FOIA regarding those strikes in Iraq showed the Pentagon estimating the numbers of civilain casualties due to contaminated water and the like and predicted this would make the people restive and more likely to rise against Hussein.

They also destroyed infrastructure in Yugoslavia , Vietnam and Libya It is how they wage war.

Aleppo might be held by ISIS/Al Qaeda (as you admit US allies) but they are not welcomed by the people living there added to that the Syrian army made significant gains in the areas around Aleppo over the past few days. The Islamists will not be holding this much longer, When the Syrian Governmnet does take it all back , the US wants to ensure a wasteland remains,


" The US is trying to topple Assad and by destroying infrastructure they hope the people will grow frustrated with the governmnet and join the rebel"

All that is fine and dandy but i still don't understand why US or US supported forces would bomb one of their allies. If the US is trying to topple Assad you'd think they would support his opponents and not cripple them. Anyway, stranger things have happened.

BTW, Aleppo is not held by ISIS. last time i checked the "Free Syrian Army" was in charge there.


OH please , there is no "Free Syrian Army". That is a fiction created by the United States.. This is an Al Nusra front related group which is Al Qaeda . Tese are the ones Patreus himself indicated the US should arm.

Before the Russian Intervention the US indicated that a sum total of 75 people trained by the US Military all but 5 defected to Al Nusra and they did not know the locations of the same and now all of a sudden there a "free Syrain Army" again?

You will eat up anything that corrupt Government puts in front of you won't you?

As I already indicated the Syrian Army is on the offensive in the regions around Aleppo and have seized dozens of positions and villages from the terrorist groups. It will be much harder for the USA to "justify' Blowing up power plants when those same terrorists driven out completely so they do it now. They are trying to cripple the Syrian economy.

They never had an interest in destroying "isis" or "al qaeda". their goal was regime change and nothing more.


OH please , there is no "Free Syrian Army". That is a fiction created by the United States.""

Remember a few years ago during the Arab Spring, when most of you here were tripping over each other to support the same groups you are slamming and calling fake now? What changed?


Er no I do not recall that at all. I recall people here claiming Libya and Syria in particular as staged events and I recall people here stating that The USA was behind those protests in Libya.

I also recalled the Green revolution in Iran as being called a staged event here on these boards.I recall the same thing in the Ukraine.


What about the fact that Fidel renounced further foreign military adventures how many years, decades
ago? He has kept that commitment; a troop shipment to Syria would be a bizarre aberration.


Now what is that rumour about Cuba building 1000 bases around the world and taking over Antarctica in anticipation of it becoming ice-free through global warming?


Check in Wikipedia the Levant Basin and the Palmyrides fold-thrust belt that runs SW across Syria and into Israel. Definite oil-exploration targets.