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The Immigrant as Criminal


The Immigrant as Criminal

Christopher Brauchli

Useless laws weaken the necessary laws.
—Charles de Secondat, De l’Espirit des Louis (1748)


The foundation of Trump’s presidential campaign was hatred, derision and division, particularly targeting Mexicans in the US and Mexican-Americans.

Trump’s presidency is depressing, and Christopher Brauchli provides a helpful review of the basis for this.

Educational and insightful commentary, as always, Mr. Brauchli.


I am an immigrant and former refugee (DP). I was born in a refugee camp and came here with my family. We waited for years to enter the US legally, obeyed Her laws, and learned English. I was brought up to respect the USA as the country that took us in in our time of need.
The question here should not be “the immigrant as a criminal” but “the criminal as the immigrant”. You call people “natives” or “immigrants” and don’t differentiate between immigrants (legal aliens) or migrants (other aliens). The last time my family saw foreign nationals marching through their streets, they had uniforms with awful insignias on them. I still get chills when I see a foreign national with a sign saying " we are not leaving". That is not their decision to make.
The real question here is money. Those who have a financial benefit will continue to support those who violate immigration laws. Those who do not will look to the moral question. Should we endorse lying, cheating, and stealing ? The answer is a resounding “NO”.