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The Importance of Being a Trump


The Importance of Being a Trump

Christopher Brauchli

First there’s the children’s house of make believe. . . .
—Robert Frost, Directive


Schumer is, ostensibly, a Democrat, but I'll go with this description of him as a Repub.

Interesting that son-in-law Kushner's Dad is a Convicted Felon, even ironic that it was Chris Christie who put him away
(costing him the VP slot that he groveled for).

Man, have we, as a Nation, been served the Dregs of Public Office-holders since the CIA decided that we didn't need a Democracy any more. (Did we ever really have one?)


In honor of Christmas:
"By their fruits, shalt thou know them."

Sounds about right.


I'm SHOCKED about all of this, shocked, I tell you... Michael Moore is SO right about the Democrats bringing a butter knife to a gun fight. Republicans would NEVER have allowed themselves to lose the White House while winning the popular vote twice in sixteen years. The Electoral College would have been SO GONE after 2000. Funny how this keeps working out to favor the Republicans. Funny, as well, how Repugs manage to raise continuous hell over manufactured Democratic party outrages, while Dems pretty much swallow outrageous behavior from the Republicans. Old time "bosses" in the Democratic party were a fixture, especially with immigrants, way back in the day. While far from a "good thing,"the situation has been so far reversed in favor of the Republicans that I'm starting to miss the old time Democratic scoundrels like Joe Kennedy Sr.


You realize that the Duopoly works together, using their pretend differences as a Distraction, as they continue to collude to make life worse and worse for 99% of us.

Is it news to you that Bill Clinton and Obama successfully made decisions and pushed through terribly Destructive Legislation that Republicans could only have dreamed of?

This "Dem vs Rep" baloney is the first Bogus Illusion that we must rid ourselves of, if we are ever to Progress.


Do you suppose Chelsea and family would have moved in had Hillary won the electoral college? What do you suppose the reaction would be?