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The Important Education Issue Leaders Are Still Ignoring


The Important Education Issue Leaders Are Still Ignoring

Jeff Bryant

One of the more telling combinations of news stories from the past week found education policy insiders in Washington, DC rejoicing over the passage of a new law rewriting federal education policy while at the same time a new report revealed how political leadership is continuing to fail America’ public schools.


One wonders why organizations promoting “education reform” make standardized testing and certain mandated “performance outcomes” the focal points of their advocacy rather funding issues.

Because that is the point. Starve the schools until they cry "Uncle!" then privatize. Lickety split, the corpses get to influence the curriculum, and generations of critical thinkers are lost.

Our "leaders" are doing this across the board.

Thanks for the great article, though, pointing out the need. I'd much rather my tax dollars go to educate another child than build another drone.


usa education is indoctrination into stockholme syndrome.
work for capital. kill for capital. die for capital.
my country lied to me
with talk of liberty
while they whipped slaves.
christians are mass murderers


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You left out operators like Bill Gates and other entities that produce standardized tests that make a killing; that the actual public schools become property of the privateers; that far too much funding is diverted to charter schools--many of which are Christian Theocratic in nature; and that these standard protocols not only thwart critical thought, they enforce obedience to authority and one-size-fits-all standardization of human beings, altogether.


Another point is that, at the college level, our college is forced to make agreements with individuals, foundations and corporations to obtain the funding that is needed. These are always announced as a great thing, but as educators, we are never shown the agreements. It makes me wonder what our college gives or promises to the donors?


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