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The In-Laws and the President


The In-Laws and the President

Christopher Brauchli

The law is the last result of human wisdom acting upon human experience for the benefit of the public.
—Samuel Johnson, Anecdotes of Samuel Johnson

Herewith a little known fact. At least two of Mr. Trump’s positions on immigration, and the abuses that he believes our lax rules have led to, may be the direct result of his personal experiences. The first is his objections to illegal workers who come into the country and take away jobs from hard working United States citizens.


For a dullard who doesn’t read, Trump sure channels Ayn Rand’s “philosophy” to the max. A pox on the electoral college. A pox on the media that provided free air time for Hair Hitler. I understand those that voted against Hillary, but not those that voted for Trump. There was nothing to affirm in him but petulant, selfish and hateful bile-filled antics. The accidental president must go, but perhaps we must wait until January if the Dems (and I’'m not one) can take the House and Mueller can wipe Pence away at the same time as Trump. Otherwise it Rand acolyte Paul Ryan on deck. Good luck to us all.


If you would please reread my post you will find that I said that “I understand those that voted against Hillary”. Not a fan. Not one bit. Same is true for Trump, only to a greater degree as he has proven to be a man of low character with a record of decades of damaging too many people.


Uh, he doesn’t have a heart so he couldn’t know them by heart. Also, he’s only read them if they come in comic book form. :clown_face::smirk:


Thank you – it’s good to have a little levity when you have a true retard in power :thinking::hugs:


“…and look at the way he has manhandled your best politicians…” Seems like the manhandling being done by trump is of the GOPers in Congress as the useless Democrats sit quietly awaiting their return to power. And I doubt very seriously that trump has read anything more than a menu at McDonald’s, but NEVER a book or two, for Christ’s sake. He works on instinct and nastiness and little else. “He’s working for all of us”…what a joke that line is. Trump works only for himself…you’ll be the one to see if you could, for a moment, quit hating on everything Progressive.

You sound like one of those Russian trolls whose job it is to create discontent…that, or someone without much in the way of critical thinking skills.


My GAWD!!! You need some serious help!!! Start with a “REALITY CHECK”! Unless, of course, you are getting another kind of check to troll progressive sites.


Well, I thought it was well thought out.
Wrong on a number of points but still…
Right on the tax cut thing.
Wrong on TPP (imho),
Wrong on NAFTA. ( acc. to Official US sources America nets bigly vis a vis Canada.
Wrong if you think, like Trump, that trade wars are good.
Right about Maddow but dead wrong about my man Maher.
Wrong that Trump would actually read a lenghty book.

BTW what sort of American leader would praise the Chinese for consolidating a one party state and then joking that we should maybe do the same…
…He was joking, right?


“He (Trump) is way on the plus side.”

Yeah, there are many good people, on both sides.

However, Trump and this Republican Congress are “all” on the wrong side of Right.


I read 2 paragraphs of your post. I demand 1/2 of your pay check. This is due upon posting, cash only.


Anyway, back on topic. And then there is his son-in-law. What law, rule or regulation will he change there? By having him in the House he is breaking a law. Neither his daughter or his son-in-law should be in the House, period. And now this man/boy has lost his security clearance. There is a con around every corner it seems with djt.


THEN…what is your purpose here? To straighten us fools out?


B-I-N-G-O!!! Paid trolls are obvious, aren’t they, Ditton?


“Some people come in, and they bring their whole family with them, who can be truly evil”.
This could be self reflection. I would label the Trumps as evil.

Anybody tipped off ICE to Melania’s parents whereabouts?


Hollywood should create a new weekly show about this most crazy, corrupt family, and make it similar to the 60’s hit, Beverly Hillbillies.

There would be enough new material generated each week, to make it a smash hit.


Our current administration is killing “We the People”!!! If you can’t see that and get your jollies taunting we “regressives”, then you are slime,just like those you defend. YES! Another ad hominem (Note spelling, genius) for someone who deserves no better!


Geez, I think of it as a daily thingy, there is just so much material. How to choose? :slight_smile:


Oh yes.


Too bad CD doesn’t have a way to block assholes like you.


I believe it was you who told us last month that the quarterly GDP numbers would be revised upward, along with forecasts for upcoming GDP in 2018.

Both were revised downward this week. Can you acknowledge how completely wrong you were? Thanks.