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The Inconvenient Truth of Rape

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/04/07/inconvenient-truth-rape

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As some of you already know, I’m a survivor of both rape and sexual abuse. It does mess with your mind. More and more women are coming forward with their stories and their truth. If a person is rich and has a penis, I would advise any girls or women to just run to the other side of the street. If you need to conduct business with one, be sure to have two others with you. Another woman and a security guard. With your phone on “record”.


This story of Tara Reade’s was news to me until the CD article here. It is definitely hypocritical of anyone suppressing the story based on a fear of being able to defeat Trump, even if it’s understandable. It shouldn’t be done. In any case, assuming Reade’s story is true, is anyone really surprised about this? Voters have been falling for smooth talkers forever, promoting people who look good and say nice things but then go on to be nothing but sponges and pawns for the powerful. Biden is just such a person. The fact that so many people have decided to vote for him despite preferring someone else, based on the idea of casting a “tactical” vote instead of going for those who really resonate with voters’ minds instead of their hearts, is unfortunate. Those who truly like Biden but now see this abuse claim as an annoying and untimely revelation are understandably upset, but hopefully they will learn something from it. How many of us have real first hand knowledge of the people in this race? How many of us can say “I know Joe Biden” or “I know Bernie Sanders” and “he’s a good person”? (And even then, this “knowing” is not entirely reliable either.) Admittedly, almost none of us. What we have to do is make our decisions based on the best available evidence, to focus on character and philosophy and historical voting records, when they exist, and trying to remove our emotions from this process as much as possible. We don’t want sexual predators in office, even if one could mount an argument that “it’s not relevant to their ability to govern” because this nature is one of corruption, of a corrupt soul. We want corruption to stay out of government. Everyone now is maybe remembering all those photos and stories of Biden’s “grandfatherly” touching of women throughout his career, and thinking twice about what that behavior may have signified. Trying to be “tactical” or to vote in a “smart” way should never result in people voting for those who are less well qualified to be good leaders and to do the right thing for the country. It only leads to a continuation of the corrupt status quo. The struggle for a government that is not insane is one that moves one step at a time. Displacing Trump to result in a do-nothing Biden presidency is ultimately a less attractive option than voting for someone like Bernie and losing to Trump, because the higher that people like Bernie get pushed up, the better the chances the next time around for those of similar quality to come forward and also get pushed up, hopefully high enough to win. The world is a complete mess, and it’s because people have not voiced their concerns, have not gotten angry enough, have been lazy, have been stupid, and also because they have been at times outnumbered and outgunned and outspent - imprisoned, killed… yes, there’s that too. Of course it’s not all about laziness and stupidity, but those are big factors. Imagine 50% of the population marching on Washington. How fast do you think change could get enacted under those circumstances? Instead, we stay at home and watch TV. “But I’ll lose my job if I march on Washington.” Yes, understandable, but jobs are replaceable - we all know that too well - and what’s at stake is worth it. In case we haven’t noticed, God is not running for office anywhere. There is no benign deity who is going to save us, we have to save ourselves. We have to want it and take it. That’s what the 1% has done.

Survivors do not get to choose when they are violated, but they do get to choose when and how they come forward.

This is why I am against statute of limitations in regards to rape cases.

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The author well describes the victims of sexual abuse. But doesn’t describe the victims of false accusations & female predators. As someone who was accused falsely because of regret sex & due to record retentions was able clear it up immediately & also seen friends & athletes getting falsely accused, I must say it’s a terrifying experience. A criminal act is a gender less act & proof should always be required.

Ms Krassenstein has a well researched article on her twitter page @HKrassenstein
This article points to the many contradictions in her allegation and questions
her credibility. She does not appear to be mentally stable.

Read the article @HKrassenstein It seriously questions her credibility.

Please read the article @HKrassenstein It seriously questions her credibility.

Excellent article. However, like so many others, it neglects a key fact, that Tara Reade came out about Biden’s sexual harrassment in 1983, and had difficulty trying to report the sexual assault.
“Reade had already complained to her bosses about sexual harassment in Biden’s office—she said a supervisor had once asked her to serve drinks at an event because she had attractive legs—but had shared the more serious accusation against Biden with a few close confidants. She said she once tried to talk to a supervisor about what had happened, but this person shut her down before she could tell the whole story. She also said she filled out an official form detailing her assault, but does not know what became of it.”

And if she were not mentally stable, what of it? It is entirely possible that she speaks the truth regardless. Your comment may as well have come right out and said “She’s a crazy woman”, the traditional way of discrediting and dismissing women who dare speak up.

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I’m sorry what you went through but you were able to clear it up immediately. The fact is, false accusations are very rare. Studies have shown that the vast majority of sexual assaults are never reported. Meanwhile, other studies have found that the percentage of false reports lies somewhere between 2% to 7% of all reports of sexual assault. Let’s try not to misrepresent the situation. Google NSVRC’s paper title “False Reporting”. Even better, see Katie Heaney’s article on The Cut from Oct. 5, 2018, “Almost No One Is Falsely Accused of Rape”:
"How common are false allegations of rape or sexual assault?
One commonly cited figure holds that 5 percent of rape allegations are found to be false, but that figure paints a very incomplete picture, says Belknap. Typically, [this figure comes from studies done on college students](link removed), an estimated 95 percent of whom do not report their assaults to police. Overall, an estimated 8 to 10 percent of women are thought to report their rapes to the police, which means that — at the very highest — we can infer that 90 percent of rapes go unreported, says Belknap. Obviously, only those rapes that are reported in the first place can be considered falsely reported, so that 5 percent figure only applies to 10 percent (at most) of rapes that occur. This puts the actual false allegation figure closer to 0.5 percent."

Anthony Zenkus your employer was sued for discrimination due to your actions when you worked for the Town of Huntington New York, isn’t that correct?

Paid Biden troll responds to wrong article. Classic.