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The Incredible Whiteness of Clinton


The Incredible Whiteness of Clinton

Laura Flanders

Hillary Clinton effectively entered the 2016 presidential race this week with a major speech to a women’s conference in Silicon Valley.


Politicians are so cynical in the editing of their words that they lose contact with their own instincts. They can’t represent the people because they have grown apart from them, attracted like moths to the flame of the fraction of one percent, of whom they are in awe and to whom they are beholden. They rationalize it all as “just dealing with reality”, which is true when so many play the game in the same manner. Time to change the game. Well, past time, really.


This is the least of her “issues”. Hillary Clinton is Wall Street’s whore, just as Obama has been Wall Street’s house boy. They are also both tools of the MIC, and the Security Industrial Complex. While Obama at least gave lip service to opposing going to war in Iraq (and never had to cast a vote against it), Hillary gave both wars and the “Patriot” Act her full throated support. Only under the pressure of probably running again for President, has she somewhat relented on her militaristic stances. She still stands with Obama in calling for Ed Snowden to be imprisoned for his patriotic whistle blowing. She and Bill take millions in speaking fees from the 1% (mostly from the 0.1%). Just how do you get millions of dollars in wealth when you supposedly have made a career of “public service”, hmmm? I don’t believe the “book deal”, crap. She is bought and paid for.

I will NEVER vote for her. I loath the Clintons, regret voting for Bill, and will urge anyone I know to not support her, even if it means leaving the Presidency blank on the 2016 General Election ballot. She is hated enough, by enough people, that I think she is a sure loser to just about any GOP clown running against her (besides, it’s next to impossible for the Democrats to hold the White House for three consecutive terms). If we don’t get someone like a Bernie Sanders as the Democratic nominee, we will surly get a Republican President. And if, by the miracle of total GOP incompetence, we do get her, you will live to regret it, and know that “I told you so”. Run Bernie, run!


Bravo, Laura Flanders for this insightful assessment:

“But inclusivity’s not really the point. Nor is winning, really. What we need, and we need desperately, are leaders who are honest about right-now-existing privilege and power; how things got set up this way, and what we might do to redistribute those so as to give us all some chance of surviving and making a less divided 21st Century.”

The bipolar team-sport mentality tends to play on only one track. Its focus is “either-or” frames along with those that insist upon immediate winners and losers. Analysis that falls outside of that linear ballpark is seldom to never heard in mass media channels these days.

You are so right about “how things got set up this way,” but those that pretend that only the present matters and pretend that there’s a level playing field and that power is in the hands of voters have GREAT difficulty with this truthful premise.


While I basically agree with your post, I feel compelled to lament the blatant sexism and racism of this statement.



NO ONE gets near the inner circles of power these days who is not bought and paid for; and I agree with Spotless that your comment exhibits both racism and sexism. You could have made the point about the Clintons’ sell-out without using sexual metaphors.


It always makes my skin crawl when politicians begin their speeches with a reference to our “founding fathers” as if their penchant for slavery can be overlooked because of their deep commitment to democracy for white, land owning males. Whether its the slaughter of Native Americans, the enslavement of Africans or the communist purges following World War One, Democrats and Republicans alike tend to paint a wholesome picture of America’s past concentrating on the achievements of a handful of White citizens while ignoring the brutality of the many in their support for these backward policies. The Bush3/Clinton2 show that is shaping up for 2016, is about as pathetic as it gets in our post democratic era.


Hopefully there will be another choice - if its Clinton v Bush v Stein - for whom would you vote?

Bernie ain’t gonna get the Dem nomination, for a number of reasons …


No, there is no level playing field - but power is in the hands of the voters - we simply refuse to cease it …


SR11 - same message as the first 10, apparently …

“NO ONE gets near the inner circles of power these days who is not bought and paid for;”

That is up to us …


In her first incarnation as a political animal, Hilary Rodham Clinton was a Goldwater Republican. Goldwater was a brusque simple-minded reactionary. His claim to fame is that in many of his themes he anticipated Ronald Reagan, the most vicious President of recent times. As Hilary’s career developed, in law, politics and corporate business, she slid over to liberalism and the Democratic Party, but something of the vapid reactionary remained within her. Her Goldwater soul reveals itself most obviously in her vile pandering to white racism. Laura Flanders is spot on that Hilary is an opportunist on racial matters. I remember how she race-baited Obama on a number of occasions during the Democratic Presidential primaries. Hilary’s “feminism” is also suspect. She is one of those women who measures progress by how many women are corporate executives. Just the other day I heard that the US military is making real efforts to get more women into combat. This is exactly the kind of “equality” that appeals to a “feminist” like Hilary. The prospect of Hilary Clinton as the next President is truly depressing. The only thing good about it is that it means Jeb Bush won’t be the President. I wish it would come about that no one was declared “the winner” and that the office of the Presidency had to be left vacant until a suitable person could be found. I would recommend Laura Flanders for President, but, alas, she is not a natural born American citizen. Maybe Noam Chomsky would take the job…?


I meant to be inflammatory. Besides, if Hillary prostitutes herself to the rich… well as the old joke goes, “We know what you are, now we’re just negotiating terms”. As for Barry Obomber, what I really wanted to call him is what the common slaves derisively called the ones who shucked and jived their way into cushy jobs in the mansion, which is what Barry did joining the ruling class and selling the rest of us 99% out.


Good SR, very good. How about this set of adjectives and adjectival phrases to characterize the Billary: money grubbing, self-centered, lying, psychopathic, murderous, war mongering, danger to the future existence of homo sapiens and most other extant life forms on the planet that the said h. sapiens calls Earth.

Oh, SR, there is an alternative to the Democratic Billary beast and whatever Republican imbecile is proffered. She’s named Jill Stein and she’s a woman. Go Jill!


Whatever the DNC hacks think, Shillary is going to lose—She and they have spat in the face of progressives too many times, while the Right will bring the haters in to vote by the bus-load. Kiss it goodbye, Shill. And God help the US when the full-bore right-wing nut-bars take over.


In the last midterms I went down the list of candidates and wrote-in Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden and will do it again in 2016 if we don’t have decent candidates on the ballot.


I hear Scott Walker is planning to run too … 2016 is shaping up to be a ‘clown car redux’!
If it is true that Jill Stein is running again I will vote for her, otherwise I will write-in Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden.


I remember Bill Clinton’92 campaign,“Putting People First” On the day of his inauguration the Pittsburgh Press published an articile summarizing those campaign promises. I clipped it and put it on the refrigirator with a magnet. It stayed there for several years till it yellowed and crumbled. Not a single promise was kept. The Reagan agenda was completed under Clinton. I was so disgusted with him that in 96 I spitefully voted for Dole. Don’t expect anything else but Clintonesque duplicity from Hillary, she had a great mentor. Even if she leans left in her campaign don’t expect it to be anything more than a tactic. The Democratic party. supporting her as an inevitable candidate is equally pathetic. I have such revulsion for the Clintons that I can’t bring myself to vote for her even though I know the alternative is probably worse.