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The Indignity of Work Without Pay

The Indignity of Work Without Pay

Leo Gerard

In the midst of the longest government shutdown in history, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown this week launched a “Dignity of Work” listening tour.

The Democratic senator, who just won reelection by nearly seven points in the red state of Ohio, explained the concept to reporters: “Dignity of work means hard work should pay off for everyone, no matter who you are or what kind of work you do... [dignity of work] is a value that unites us all.”

40 percent of conservative Republicans view money with more importance than the lives of their fellow Americans.

It is interesting that Fed workers are food insecure after missing one pay check. We need to break up all the monopolies–stop allowing broke companies to buy up other companies. We need a national healthcare system-community based-with the profit taken out. I look forward to hearing Sen Brown as he runs for president. SUPPORT INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM—SUPPORT THE COMMONS!

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Doesn’t this literally prove that “government” (and government funds) is needed? So much for shrinking government–the grand idea of the GOP who want to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Our government, when run wisely and smoothly, does tremendous amounts of work for the people. The fact that the GOP thinks it’s “inconsequential,” just shows how out of touch these over-paid, pampered politicians are.

please explain your moto

Individual Freedom should be a core understanding around the globe----and all people should demand this right. Individual Freedom is hard------because it requires great understanding, empathy, and compassion. It means people should be able to live their personal lives as they choose without interfering in other individuals freedom. And yes as we form a society—a state -we begin the process of laws and restriction------but as we do this we should be asking how this effects a persons Individual Freedom.

I am sure gun nuts love this phrase Individual Freedom—but they shouldn’t—people like myself should be able to walk in public(the COMMONS) without the fear of being shot—when someone carries a gun in public(including the police)they are elevating themselves in power above other people.

No state or person should have the right to torture or kill another human being. How far down the rabbit hole we have gone.

Just today NBC reporting how people go to Mexico to buy insulin because it is over 90% cheaper----the American people are held hostage to pay exorbitant prices to a corrupt healthcare system. If we were taught in school the fundamental right of Individual Freedom people would not allow this corruption. I could write a book about the FREEDOMS we don’t have----We are indoctrinated in the schools------

THE COMMONS----the COMMONS is real----capitalism , socialism are made up by a bunch of elites. The COMMONS are the natural elements that belong to every person beyond the state. Air, water, land and fire(natural resources)----and as we form a state or a society how are the COMMONS shared? I would argue that in a society healthcare should be part of the COMMONS.

Many Native people in America could not understand the concept of owning land. People in villages hundreds of years ago would go into woods to get fuel(wood),part of the COMMONS—then some guy raised an army said he was the owner or king and it all went down hill from there.

These two terms that I constantly repeat should be terms that every American should be familiar with------ever hear of the Boston Common----every town in New England is required to have a COMMONS—a place were the COMMON people can come together and challenge the powers that be. The American Revolution was about INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM----most people don’t understand that the real power of this country is in the hands of CONGRESS and not the president. This is what makes this country great-----a movement away from the king—a movement away from the elite.(Another form of indoctrination by elite ,schools, and media that the president is the one in charge)

Our foreign policy should be grounded in the core belief of Individual Freedom—how often do we hear that soldiers are going to fight for “freedom”-----A country that believes in freedom would not be selling arms to Saudi Arabia or bombing a country like Yemen or enabling the largest prison camp in the world—the Palestine people.

Well thank you making the effort to explain your “moto”. I certainly understand the concept of “the commons” but I am not so sure the term is used as broadly as you use it. And I do have a confusion as to what individual freedom means unless the concept can be united under the terms to “do no Harm” and includes “do unto your neighbor as you would have her do unto you”.

But in the long run I believe we are in agreement but using your slogan does need some explaining at least for me it does.

One comment of your that I do not agree with is the one about congress is the powerhouse of this country. Originally the congress was to act in accord with the wishes of the voter. They do not and perhaps never will unless a great deal more pressure is out upon them and/or the process of voting was more just ie
Get rid of the electoral college and the DNC
Greatly improve voting rights
and last but not lease institute term limits.