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The Infantile Politics Of Compulsive Trump Bashing


The Infantile Politics Of Compulsive Trump Bashing

Gary Olson

People spend so much time mocking Trump or waiting for him to be impeached. And the danger with this kind of obsession with a single person is that you don’t see the system that produced him. — Arunhati Roy


You’re right Mr. Olson,

Trump bashing solves nothing. What the people of this country need to do is march to Washington DC, enter the White House, and the Capitol, and physically remove each and everyone of those complicit with Trump these past two years, and reclaim our government from those who know little to nothing about governance, and much about theft and greed.


This piece is spot on and will be ignored by the lib/prog U.S. “left.” Once again I say the Dims will not make a serious effort to impeach the criminal Trump, but wait til the Rethugs come up with another means because he becomes too dangerous to them in 2020.

Once again I ask: What do the Dims have of any substance, other than neoliberal imperialism, – and Trump-bashing? Hell, even in Bernie’s “response” to Trump’s xenophobic excretions of last night focused on the harm the shut-down is to the National Security State.

These are people in the FBI, in the TSA, in the State Department, in the Treasury Department and other agencies who have, in some cases, worked for the government for years.

Really Bernie? Could you not have given even one mention of the neoliberal imperial economic and military policies that create “immigration crises” and instability around the biosphere. NOT EVEN ONE MENTION!


Applause for Olson–it’s wonderful to see these observations set into a formal article here.

A standard model for usurpation, arguably the standard one in recent centuries, is to posit or demonize an external enemy. The standard line goes “Either you’re with us, or you’re against us.” The structure of the argument and its impact changes little whether the Other is communist, terrorist, Republican, or Democrat.

This ought to be a demonstration not of any special competence on Mr. Trump’s part, though I approve of his action here in attempting to withdraw troops, but of the monolithic madness and python control of this entity that we refer to as deep state and shadow government and the one percent.

Trump does not solve this problem, though we may be fortunate that he is not lockstep with it, that the likes of John Bolton may be occupied with scurrying around repairing some set subterranean agreements.

Removing Trump does not solve the problem either, unless we can replace him with someone else not aligned with this group. That does not mean any of the Democrats typically mis-described as “centrist,” but someone with an anti-corporatist and anti-MIC stance.


From the article:

“The corporations that own the media and the two major political parties have a vested interest in making sure there is never serious public discussion about issues ranging from our disastrous for-profit health system and endless wars to the virtual tax boycott that large coporations have legalized."
–Chris Hedges

Well worth repeating. Things that Ds and Rs quietly agree on in closed session, such as corporate capitalism, endless war and second-class treatment of third parties, are far more relevant to our lives than what they endlessly, noisily and publicly disagree on—think red-meat isues for their respective bases, such as gun control (or the lack of it), abortion and, most prominently at the moment, immigration. Eyes on the prize, please.


Public financing of elections cures the likes of an Adelson or the Dimocrats current batch of money grubbing warmongers. Something the more progressive candidates are catching up with, albeit slowly.
FYI- Over 40% of our current DoD weapons budgets mainly benefit 5 Defense Contractors: Boeing, Raytheon, Northrop-Grumman… can you name the other 2? Who’s the straw boss in your state?
Sens. Murray and Cantwell of Washington represent the " guns and butter " wing of the Democratic Party. Hey ladies, where’s the damn butter for the people of Washington who are facing school funding cuts and a homeless crisis while we’re hearing about The Washington State Miracle from Gov. Enslee?


An endeavor like that requires the support of armed forces, so you’ll have to find some disgruntled Colonels somewhere willing to participate in a military coup. In case of success they will have to be included in the people’s councils that will be running the country post coup.


I agree. It will require millions of committed citizens. Committed to the long haul.

We’ve seen it in other countries.

I’m not sure the American people have what it takes to commit to standing up to corrupt politicians.

Right now, Mr. Mueller is our best chance at exposing the corruption that currently exists in this country.


Great article!!!

From the article:

“Third, what’s critically important is the across-the-board, apoplectically negative reaction, especially from leaders of the Democratic Party. Why is this so important? Because for a moment the curtains were pulled back to reveal with acute moral clarity, the bipartisan support for American imperialism, endless wars and transparent contempt by our overlords for democracy.”

This is the work of corporate media who is beholden to the deep state and global capitalism. Note that a good chunk of the “progressive left” falls prey (or is an active participant) in this dangerous charade.


Exactly right.


What do you propose? I support a Second Amendment Remedy.


What do you propose? I support a Second Amendment Remedy.


Without Trump’s stupid blundering all over the place, “the curtains” would never be drawn back at all on this horrid imperialism and empire and its supporters across the political spectrum.

Now that the furniture has been moved to the side of the stage, and the curtains has been drawn open to reveal the brick wall we face (thanks Zappa!), what do We the People need to do to join forces across the political spectrum to overthrow this government and reclaim our right to democracy of, by, and for the people and the natural world?

I’m thinking that ultimately anything short of a Constitutional Convention of all 50 states and territories to write a new Constitution should be the goal. What we have now cannot be “fixed”, any more than the ruling political parties can be reformed. The system itself is broken beyond redemption.


Good post. But as Matt Taibbi says: “The system isn’t broken, it’s rigged.”


I have become convinced that the purpose of Sanders, Our Revolution, AOC and when it comes to foreign policy, the DSA and ISO is to confuse and divide (what would be) the left, to prevent a genuine bottom-up social movement from arising. Note that with all of Trump’s saber rattling, nuclear threats, we have no peace movement.


Exactly. They’ve co-opted many on the left exactly as Obama did, undermining the building of a progressive movement in the U.S. with an anti-imperial internationalist perspective. This is the key IMO on why the left in the U.S. fails at all levels. You may be interested in this:


Thanks! Great article, at least Glen Greenwald hasn’t changed his need to do good work, unlike his college at the Intercept James Risen (and sometimes equivocal Jeremy Scahill too). Is progressivism, the “soft left” or “fake left” (if you ask BAR or WSWS) a construct of PR policy by elements of the Deep State, or are they just taking instructions from the Trilateral Commission, the Atlantic Counsel, the G30 and other organization of the “Global Power Elite?” I am currently reading Peter Phillips’ “Giants: The Global Power Elites.”


Gary Olson writes that obsessing with Trump takes your eyes from “the system” that produced Trump.
Well, that is nonsense. Trump wasn’t produced by any “system”. Trump was produced by the White American Blue Collar Trash. Why is that, which has been thoroughly verified by statistics, so hard to understand? Who benefits by ignoring the obvious?
If you are embarrassed that 60% of whites among you are ignorant racist trash who worship an immoral clown like Trump, I understand your situation. If I were American, I would be embarrassed also. I would be embarrassed but I wouldn’t deny it. You “must” accept reality the way it is if you want any hope of changing it. Trump didn’t come out of the blue, he (or “it”) came out of the immoral racist ignorant White Trash of the United States, and that must be accepted for the simple reason that it is true.


Correct me if I am wrong; Legal immigration is what places the united states in the same category with third world population explosion countries like Bangladesh and some regions of Africa. Legal immigration goes to the highest bidder and has been used to hold down wages to flat real buying power since before 1975.

Southern border immigration is mostly everyday people fleeing from home to escape discord generated around united states supported dictators.


Maybe the old united states will simply shut down and a new information-age autonomous democracy will rise like Phoenix into a new seven branch wonder of the world that is far more fun than eternal war against humanity and Earth.