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The Injustice of Deporting Children Without Representation


The Injustice of Deporting Children Without Representation

Hector Villagra

Department of Justice immigration judge recently made headlines for testifying that 3- and 4-year-old migrant children could be taught immigration law and could competently represent themselves in court.

“You can do a fair hearing,” said Judge Jack H. Weil. “[Children] get it. It's not the most efficient, but it can be done.” He was testifying in a deposition for a federal lawsuit brought by the ACLU and other legal organizations to challenge the government's failure to appoint counsel for children facing deportation.


This should be put on Hillary’s plate! As an advocate of her husband’s push for NAFTA… this is but a part of the inevitable blowback:

"But many children simply aren’t represented at all, even in cases where they may be deported to countries where they could face violence and even death.

"The results are what you would expect. Children without lawyers were five times more likely to be ordered deported in the nearly 53,000 cases completed between October 2012 and August 2015.

“In those cases, 19,804 were not represented and ordered deported while 4,769 who had lawyers were also ordered to leave the country. Of those children with lawyers, 24,933 were allowed to remain in this country, and 3,345 who were unrepresented were also allowed to stay. Nationwide, 64,000 children’s cases are still pending.”

Every corporate mogul who pushed for NAFTA and profited by it should be forced to pay for these children’s legal counsel.

Unbelievable! Who knew the wreckage of families left 100,000 kids without parents… and counting!

Family values… as only an American Tycoon could applaud them.


And against this morally repugnant backdrop, the Paul Ryans and Donald Trumps wax lyrical about deporting yet more families… and there is ALWAYS money to bomb innocents in foreign lands!

The money the Pentagon “lost” (or can’t account for) in a week would pay for half these kids’ legal counsel!

“And when it comes to expense, we must also ask how the government can spend the money to hire a trained prosecutor to appear against the child in every case, but then claim that it’s too expensive to level the playing field?”