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The Injustices of Manning’s Ordeal


The Injustices of Manning’s Ordeal

Marjorie Cohn

After overseeing the aggressive prosecution and near-seven-year incarceration of Army whistleblower Chelsea Manning, President Obama – in one of his last acts in office – commuted all but four months of her remaining sentence but ignored the fact that he had taken no action on the war crimes that Manning revealed.

At his final news conference, Obama explained his reasons for commuting Manning’s record-setting 35-year sentence for leaking classified information to the public. Manning is scheduled to be released on March 17.


Who care about this piece of crap??? Leonard Peltier has been in prison for over forty years.


Thanks to Professor Cohn for this review of the benefits and sacrifice of Chelsea Manning. Because of Chelsea, we were made vividly aware of the terror and death our foreign policy inflicts in the Middle East, and the psychic damage it can cause to those who are charged with carrying it out. Prof. Cohn gave us the history, the reasons Chelsea acted, the benefits to democracy of those acts, and the unjust response of our 'justice' system to her revelations.
I only hope she can attain some peace, and community when she is freed.

As to the case of Native Rights activist and prisoner for 4 decades Leonard Peltier: Yes, he should have been freed a long time ago--Obama showed him no mercy at the end--but why would anyone pit one case of injustice against another?


That, McMealouts, is an American Hero. Bradly/Chelsea Manning risked everything to disclose evil. Having read your defective postings, I understand why you would defend helicopters shooting children and reporters with machine guns.

You are just that kind of fast food worker. Nothing going on upstairs.


What was the basis for which Manning was placed in solitary confinement and forced to endure nakedness? Surely prison authorities are not allowed to impose such treatment arbitrarily? The sarcasm is intentional.