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The Inner Nixon

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/01/inner-nixon

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“Donald Trump, it turns out, is merely the inner Richard Nixon, live and uncensored. He’s also the inner Ronald Reagan—the inner voice, suddenly made public, of every white male racist who has ever occupied the Oval Office.”

Let’s get our facts square. Reagan and Trump were/are idiots. Nixon was brilliant (although I do not approve of his political style).


Nixon was indeed brilliant, unfortunately applying that brilliance in a devious manner.

We don’t have a Nixon problem, a Reagan problem, or a Trump problem…we have a GOP problem. The GOP perfected the art of boiling frogs…soft sell fascism and racism with the brilliant Nixon and silver screen Ron, enabling the GOP to evolve into more of an organized crime syndicate than a political party. At least the 1930s European fascists took pride in running trains on time. The GOP takes pride in only what it destroys.

Trump is simply the natural evolution of that strategy, not at all an anomaly.

Al Capone would be green with envy, with his syndicate having controlled only Chicago while the GOP controls the whole nation and influences the fate of the rest of the world.


Racism Is Being Used As A Distraction By The Elites

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And the outer moron.

I’ve commented about it before, and will restate my opinion again with this piece by Mr. Koehler.

In times not-so-distant-past I always found a tone, albeit an undertone, of optimism, a certain soulful dignity to his writings. He tended to reference our humanity.

Now, as with this missive, the darkness of the shadows across his thoughts are unavoidable.

It saddens me.

Robert Koehler writes with the best, and his insightful work is always a welcome sight.

And RMN and RWR are “still spewing bile.” Well stated.

Tennegon, this must be a compliment, as Robert’s work approaches the conscience of Chris Hedges. Imo, both are masters of truth, insight, and light in our fog of earthly existence.

Too many dog whistles to count. Now, just bullhorns.
All that agreed with, I did hit a wee snag, so let me pick that nit: “after almost four decades” should be “after almost five decades.”
The “good” old days are being brought back to us as fast as McTurtle can load in his judges for a permanent ride.