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The Insanity of Prescription Drug Prices in America

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/28/insanity-prescription-drug-prices-america


Any rational person to Big Pharma: “I know of Jonas Salk, and you are no Jonas Salk.” (with thanks to Lloyd Bentsen)


Insanity, criminality, piracy, predatory, greedy…all will serve. The need for Universal Not-For-Profit (NFP) Single-Payer insurance is critical and highlighted by big-pharma’s greed and fear-based predation on the public -seniors mostly - pushing their damned poison for many made-up conditions - criminals along with their co-conspirator “doctor” drug-pushers, supported and empowered by corrupt elected reps from both parties. The fraud of Obama-Care looms large - especially the Clinton-Obama Congressional shills still covering for that sellout UN-affordable shite ACA giveaway to the medical ‘industry’ - Clinton “centrist” frauds like Sean Patrick Maloney, who still refuses to support M4A


Repeat of a comment I made on a different article:

For a very simple example of how messed up this insurance scam is:

My insurance company decided to deny coverage for a med that I have been taking for years. It’s a generic, but on one of those special tiers for some fictitious reason, so it costs me $50 copay.

Since the med was denied by my insurance, the cost jumped to $1200.

But, if I lied, and told the pharmacy that I had no insurance, the cost was $300. They couldn’t charge me the lower price because of an agreement with the insurance company.

After much panic and anxiety, I found out that I could get a magic coupon from ~goodrx.com, and go to a different pharmacy. That price was $50.


A pacifist approach to a “war on drugs’” prices

The 1980 Bayh-Dole legislation occurred concurrently with the dismantling of FDR’s New Deal regulations and programs accelerating.

Unless all of those New Deal regulations and programs are restored and Bayh-Dole repealed, the 99% will continue its half century decline indefinitely.


Yes, that is crazy. I too have found that all of my families scripts are cheaper if i “DO NOT” use my shitty american insurance.


And it was a traitorous Republican Billy Tauzin who pushed through the REPUBLICAN legislation during the W. Bush nightmare administration which sent drug prices into the stratosphere.
But let’s blame the Democrats.


There are enough dems who are complicit with drug companies and medical industrial complex that makes the statement true.

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in america the scum rule, and everyone else gets to play the fool.

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In a capitalist system where elections hinge often on cash, I expect there are enough Democratic sellouts to make any regressive shitcan bill “bipartisan”. But the SPIRIT of the legislation was ALL GOP. Same goes for the 2006 Postal Enhancement and Accountability Act. A tiny fraction of Dems signed on, likely to save their asses in an upcoming election, so history calls that naked attempt at bankrupting and privatizing the USPS “bipartisan”. In name only. In spirit it is Republican Wall Street through and through.