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The Intercept’s Drone Papers Shed New Light on Targeted Killing


The Intercept’s Drone Papers Shed New Light on Targeted Killing

Brett Max Kaufma

It’s October 16. Is Christmas “imminent”? According to an extraordinary series of new reports about the United States’ targeted-killing program from The Intercept, the government seems to think so.


Nothing new, here...


The ACLU is one of the last checks on "Absolute power corrupting absolutely."

And while it's difficult to imagine a post-law govt. taking heed when its covert coup operators have thus far:

  1. Handed over to the banks, the public's treasury
  2. Given corporate predators the right to police themselves
  3. Managed to turn torture into an allowable & widely practiced protocol
  4. Inflicted a war on journalists, whistle blowers, and truth tellers who dare to deviate from officially scripted narratives
  5. Given the MIC a blank check and thus unlimited capacity to wage and maintain unlimited wars
  6. Arrogated to themselves, the extra-judicial right to Kill Lists (that violate the entire framework of Western Justice)
  7. Instituted a comprehensive spy-net that like a MAFIA shake-down forces the very citizens' whose right to privacy has been eviscerated, to pay for this corruption

It's difficult to imagine that within such a dense atmosphere of lawlessness added to contempt for human life, that Power would answer to any justifiable challenges. It's more likely it will merely appoint those court masqueraders like Gonzales, Scalia, and Thomas who will unquestionably do their authoritarian leaders' bidding.

Of course, they'll CALL it justice.


Mr. Kaufma, while the prefered term of the compliant corporate media and the current amerikan administration maybe targeted killings, you should try using the more precise and correct terms, "Premeditated Murder" and "Assassinations"! Afterall, it is a fitting description of this current administration! Murder Incorporated!


and yesterday's NY Times has a feature describing a lovely lunch enjoyed by Homeland star Clare Danes and Homeland Security chief Jeh Johnson, who says he enjoys binge watching the Showtime series. Reminds me of WW II when patriotic entertainers like Ronald Reagan put on their uniforms and went to work making Hollywood films on killing "Japs."