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The Interests of the Nation

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/08/10/interests-nation

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you white people, always making believe there was anything good or at least not as bad in your reign as it is today. the people of the world are giving notice, womens equality, human equality, new banking systems, new economical and cultural alignments, the real majority saying you can’t keep it all. the white, patriarchal leadership should just pull it’s head out of it’s butt and hang itself but we know it will insist on defending the sexist, racist capitalist way with government oppression, vigilantes and bombing women and children worldwide. health care, food supplies, mental health, an unending list of basic survival needs collapsing. times up and it’s all because of white capitalist pigs like the leaderdship of the usa!

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That Nixon resigned in " THE INTERESTS OF THE NATION" was a real scam, Nixon resigned for his own interests, not the nations! Does anyone believe that a crook like Nixon cared about anything but himself? And what more proof does one need that if Nixon really cared about the nation he would not allowed the travesty of Vietnam.

I think that Nixon was so crooked that he probably told Ford: " once I resign, I need to have you pardon me".

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This old blue hair does a full yuppers on each check mark item cited in your post.
I’d add that as the truth - across the spectrum - is now long out of the barn. The PTB are focused on divisiveness, strangulation in as many different dimensions and ways as possible by focusing on their centuries old strategem of making us hate ourselves to buy their (ahem) ‘stuff’. Its the septic model/mode.

As a World Citizen
I disagree with your manifesto starting at the words “you white folk”

If you had your head anywhere else, out of the butt you so eloquently reserve for “whites only”
You would realize, this aint a color thing, its an asshole thing.
And assholes come in all colors and sexes, from all peoples, all cultures, from all areas of the globe.

One thing that has always amazed me are the “smoken tokens” who will beat their own people, their own minority, so that that they get their 30 pieces of silver.

That is hardly a “white” thing.

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Nixon was one of the co-conspirators of the JFK assassination —

While IKE has suffered a heart attack, Nixon was running Operation 40 which became
the Bay of Pigs.

While Nixon didn’t have the same opportunities Trump has had he did all he could
for the fascist beasts he served at the time –

There is the story that Nixon applied to an AD run by Prescott Bush to represent
Elite/GOP members as Rep. in Congress with Nixon getting $50,000 a year over
his Congressional salary. Bush, of course, had been running front companies to FUND
Hitler/Nazis until he was caught up in the “Trading with the enemy act” and his funds
confiscated. Allen Dulles was also called to testify in hearings and the two “wrapped
themselves in the flag” with Bush going on as US Senator and Allen Dulles to head CIA.

However, seems more likely that Nixon had become connected with Kissinger who may
have recommended him to Bush. Recall reading a report suggesting that Nixon may
have seen some documents that Kissinger preferred not be made known.

Let’s also recall Dorothy Hunt’s plane being brought down - with FBI immediately on scene
to pick up money scattered through the air and likely documents, as well.

Also doubt that there ever was a “Southern Strategy” – more likely there were only
the computers – large ones used by MSM came in about 1965 – and smaller electronic
voting computers about 1967. They immediately began reporting very odd and unbelievable
right wing victories.

Both of them involved in corruption/criminal activities/violence – each lifelong.


Ford’s excuse was that the pardon was necessary for “healing” –

He also later said that the Nixon daughters were calling him hysterical that Nixon
would do harm to himself if he wasn’t pardoned.

Another excuse of Ford’s – who btw changed the wound in JFK’s back from
the area of his right shoulder blade with NO outlet for the bullet – to move it
up to create an impression of a “magic bullet” – which was a well-known lie.
Ford was the “FBI’s” man on the Warren Commission.

HOWEVER, the neck wound was a FRONTAL WOUND also with NO outlet
which our press and government knew and yet allowed the lie to continue.

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Your sweeping condemnation (“you white people”) not only reveals that you’re a non-white, but also a worthy bedfellow of Trump. Even casual readers would know that Howard Zinn, Chris Hedges, Noam Chomsky, etc., not to mention the vast majority of progressive CD participants here, are probably white. It is ideology and not some innate human traits that give rise to racism.

If one looks at who had the most to gain personally from the assassination of JFK it would be Dulles ( who JFK threatened to fire a break the CIA into a thousand pieces )and LBJ who detested JFK…and also the Mafia, who hated JFK and his brother for persecuting them after they had helped JFK win the election. But do not forget the MIC to whom they knew, could lose billions and billions of $$$$$ if Kennedy shut down their gravy train in Vietnam. Enjoyed your post.

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Considering watergate to be Nixon’s biggest crime is like considering Al Capone’s unpaid taxes to be his. Sure it brought him down - but tell it to the people of Chile who suffered through decades of fascist rule following Nixon’s overthrow of Salvadore Allende. Tell it to the people of Cambodia who were wiped out following Nixon’s overthrow of Prince Sihanouk. Tell it to the people of Iran who still suffer today because of the events unleashed by Truman and carried out by Nixon as Vice President in the 1953 overthrow of Mosadegh and then his subsequent stedfast support for the Shah. Nixon loved the idea of rightwing dictators doing America’s dirty work around the globe - and he created many. He was very effective at implementing an imperialist foreign policy - and at leaving a trail of dead bodies in his wake.

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True – LBJ was on his way to jail – JFK was going to drop him from the ticket.
Even today there is so much about LBJ that is unknown it is shocking –
Robert Caro, who might have brought a good deal more attention to the reality
of LBJ, dropped the ball after he had a lunch with Lady Bird.
This is a man who had his own personal killer (Malcolm Wallace) and as Billy
Sole Estes testified to Congress was responsible for more than 16-18 murders
for his personal benefit.

JFK did fire Allen Dulles actually – but he went on to even greater heights of evil until
his death. And JFK had very definitely threatened to destroy the CIA which kind of
makes clear why they were so eagerly involved in his death, as well.
There is so much the people do not know – protected as espionage – where in reality
they were simply NAZI experiments being continued here. MKULTRA, of course, if any
one has the stomach for it. Allen Dulles actually ran a program out of the CIA to train
pedophiles in how to seduce children to sexually abuse them. Actually, if I have the book
and can quote the report – think it’s in my car so will need a reminder.

If you read Mae Brussel – which I find very helpful quite often – she covers COINTELPRO
where we seem to have lost many of our musicians, songwriters, performers who were
opposing the war in Vietnam. So it is always only a rigged game – anyone in your way, a
bullet to the head will fix that for you. Parenti made that clear - don’t think I quite quoted him

More – but have to move on right now.

Actually had it typed up –

1950s: Origins of the CIA’s "Pedophile Academy"

> “Oh we do have our stable of weird people working for us. Did I ever tell you about the Pedophile Academy? We actually had one down at Camp Peary, (in Virginia) right near (the CIA’s) Jim Critchfield’s place. I don’t know if you’re aware of it, but we called it ‘The Farm,’ and it was supposed to be a secret training center for young agents. Allen Dulles set up this training center down there for pedophiles. They were in training to seduce, molest, and most especially photograph the young children of targets. Not only, Allen reasoned, would our graduates have a spanking good time but they could get wonderful action photos of the wee ones to blackmail their families with. I understand they broke it up when one of the graduates nailed a (CIA) Deputy Director’s son at a summer camp.”
> * Robert Crowley, CIA Domestic Contracts Division 1959-1962; Assistant Deputy Director of Operations (ADDO) 1980

Source: 50 years of CIA history with top “Company” man Robert Crowley: JFK, RFK, MLK, guns, drugs, blackmail, coups and all the rest

Here is the author’s Wikispooks page: ~https://wikispooks.com/wiki/Jo%C3%ABl_van_der_Reijden

Hi oakstgoriIIas:
Nixon was a Iiar and a cheat, and a murderer of peopIe in Vietnam, including aII the dead American soldiers but he had a functioning , but disgusting vapid brain------ sadIy Kissinger shouId have been thrown out too. He wa and is a truly evil man who freakishly stiII sounds Iike bad AI when he speaks.
However, the onIy thing Trump had was that he was not a politician and he was not HiIIary CIinton. If we stiII have any real sort of government–Trump wiII go BK and end up Iiving in a rabbit hoIe—Iike Sudam—or maybe in jaiI Iike that Thief of WaII St. who MADEOFF with everyone’s money. : )

Why did JFK telegraph his intentions to fire Dulles and destroy the CIA ( which is an euphemism for a license to murder political enemies) ? Was JFK that naive not to be able to realize he just signed his death warrant?

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