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The Internet Can’t Get Over the House Science Committee’s Climate-Denying Tweet—and That’s a Good Thing


The Internet Can’t Get Over the House Science Committee’s Climate-Denying Tweet—and That’s a Good Thing

Gretchen Goldman

On Thursday the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology tweeted some good ole fashioned climate denial—you know, the old tired long discredited nonsensical claim that cold weather negates the global consensus of scientists that climate change is happening


"House Science Committee"! Another oxymoron relating to actual morons. Mark Twain said it a long time ago, and it continues to be true, in spades. “Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself.” I shudder to think that the House is a truly representative body.


"It is entirely inappropriate for members of Congress to be peddling misinformation on climate science."

But lying is the new normal for the Republican Party. With Trump's election it appears to be evolving into a white nationalist fascist party. I guess this is what happens when voters are conditioned to hear lies on conservative talk radio for year after year. After awhile lying no longer evokes a negative response. In psychology it would be called habituation to a stimulus. With Trump running a campaign based entirely on lies it is appears the habituation is complete.


Right. Lying is new in politics. This is the first dishonest administration.


This just in from the same committee: The Earth (and everything else) was created in six days a few thousand years ago, proving (as I always suspected) that Fred Flintstone and his pet dinosaur were real.
Truly great minds at work.


Not a good analogy. The planes hitting the towers remains the most likely explanation for the collapse of the buildings. There is no hard evidence of any other explanation such as demolition. There is no science denial taking place with regard to the World Trade Center. There are unproven conspiracy theories.


There are important questions that have been raised and should be addressed. But still the bottom line so far is nobody has produced any good evidence for any other explanation than the buildings fell because of the planes. It appears very likely that there incomplete understanding of what happened after the planes hit and probably some of the assumptions that engineers and architects have are wrong. Unless there is evidence produced of some other act that brought the buildings down the most reasonable position is that it was the two planes. All other explanations at this point are pure speculation.


It is not the lying that is new, so much as the complete disregard for science, and scientific facts as we know them.

The GOP/Tea party has made it not just acceptable to deny science, but a celebratory, back patting routine to be heralded throughout the empire.

They might as well say that the moon landing was a hoax. Now that seems severe, right? No, because that is only one human bit of history, not denial of say, gravity, which is on par with the denial of global warming. Stupidity is to be celebrated now.

Look what pop culture and TV has wrought.


IMHO (and opinions mean nothing) I do think there is a valid (from the denier's standpoint) religious ideology to support this idea of science denial.

Have been in the south most of my life, and intimately familiar with Southern Baptist thinking.

You see, for one of these people to admit that the world is teetering towards annihilation, they would have to not believe a most major biblical myth: the flood and the rainbow of promise.

Seriously--many of such religious ideology deny science on global warming, because to do otherwise would openly question the very existence of God.

And we certainly can't do that, can we?


Most organized religion is faith based and since facts get in the way of faith, religious leaders realize that they will lose control of their followers if facts are allowed to get in the way of faith.


There's another powerful faith based source that shouldn't be overlooked. It's the 'Best Government Money Can Buy' religion.


It's a lousy analogy. The core of the 9-11 controversies was not so much about science but of 'who was really behind it' stories. If a scenario in which planes crashed into skyscrapers and everyone agreed that it was a horrible accident, and not by any other intent, then any inconsistencies with a priori expectations and actual results could be objectively studied without any extraneous yet powerful influences of design and intent. Even discoveries of cost cutting that could have compromised the structural integrity of a building or the damage to a source's reputation wouldn't effect the scientific nature of an inquiry. But the intent and motive factors involved with 9-11, while certainly not without reason, have placed a major influence on the outcome. That is not science.


You people are the worst! Your main point is false information! I've never seen a bigger case of the pot calling the kettle black. Your either shoving these lies down our throats on purpose, or your making your opinions based on the smallest little window of info. I would love for you to explain to me how and why mars is heating up just like earth and well everything else in the solar system? That's what I call a fact. Let's see if you can mix everyone up enough to think our vehicles are causing solar system warming? Is tha what you're going to call it, or are you just going to keep denying the fact? I suppose you'll just spin off to another piece of propaganda and hope no one of any intelligence stumbles along and interrupts your brain washing agendas. How do you sleep at night?


There's also science to debate these claims, but why not just leave those facts out of the picture. It sure makes it easier to believe the ignorance your diligently spreading around.


If everybody started doing there own research. Everyone would put these bastards in jail and take there microphones away for good.


Please post links to actual science about Mars and the rest of the solar system heating up because the sun is heating up.

I wonder also why reducing the gift of economic riches from oil extraction to corporate pirates would not be helpful as the sun heats up.

Are you sure Mars is heating up? Are you sure the planet was not too small to hold on to a moderating atmosphere long enough for living organisms to develop and take over that job as they did on Earth? Are you aware that life made Earth's atmosphere and that corporatists are killing life?


The science-denial of the 911 kooks on the "left" is exactly analogous to the AGW denianlsm on the wacko right.


The steel does not have to melt, only soften. I have seen a 3 story steel/wood structure with the steel columns bent over like hairpins after a fire. Any fireman has seen this.

Knowlege Test - what is the Young's modulus of steel?


Lying has been the new normal for many decades in federal politics.


Science to debate what claims? Global warming?

lol no.