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The Internet Won’t Let Armenia Go Away


The Internet Won’t Let Armenia Go Away

Michael Winship

Here’s a different kind of story about media and politics.

It demonstrates how the monstrosity of a crime a century old still divides and scorches the world. And it’s one more example of how digital technology is changing geopolitics at every level, from interfering with other nation’s elections to the current wave of ransomware cyberattacks and even the release of motion pictures.


My assistant , years ago, was Armenian. Her and her mother were always protesting down at the Turkish Embassy and were threatened countless times. The whole thing has been covered up by the Turks for a hundred years, including the concurrent genocides against the Pontiac Greeks and Assyrians…also sponsored by the Turkish Government. The aim was to make Turkey a 100 % Muslim country by the simple expedient of killing all of the Christian occupants under the cover of the first world war. Many of the worst offenders were hunted down and assassinated by Armenian and Greek avengers in the 1920’s.

No living Turk is guilty of doing anything during the genocide, and no living Armenian, Greek, or Assyrian was a direct victim. It is high time Turkey acknowledge the tragedy and move on.


As South American ‘truth commissions’ amply proved, you cannot begin to heal a historical blood debt without first accepting the truth. No one blames present day Turks, or Erdogan and his forebears, with the Armenian genocide of a century ago, but something in this man’s inner being is in turmoil. For the sake of his countrymen, as well as the stability of the region, I hope he overcomes his sickness of the soul.


Genocide & climate change denial share the same warped bedfellows, as well as common shills.


When modern Man left Africa some 60 thousand years ago, they brought with them a genetic predisposition to exterminate those who are ‘not-us’. That is the way of the hunter-gatherer bands: and relic societies in Java,