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The Iran Deal and American Jews


The Iran Deal and American Jews

Naomi Dann

Far too much of the analysis of the nuclear deal with Iran has focused on what the American Jewish community and Israeli leaders think, as if those opinions were more important than those of the other Americans, Iranians, and international community at large who are also affected by the deal.


"Naomi Dann is the media coordinator at Jewish Voice for Peace."

Peace Naomi, peace...


Excellent piece. Although polling clearly supports the author's assertions about the division among the U.S. Jews on the Iran deal, right-wingers in the Israeli press are claiming precisely the opposite:

What Division? Jewish Community United as Ever Over Iran Deal

..no issue has united American Jews to such an extent since the Yom Kippur War.

When your reality requires you to blame innocent civilians for their slaughter, it's no stretch to create a fantasy where U.S. Jews are united in opposition to the Iran deal.


I hate it when someone takes a poll with fairly clear results and puts a pollyannish spin on the results to insist that the poll means the opposite of what a unbiased look concludes. The poll basically states that 70% of US Jews feel "attached to Israel". That is a very strong majority.


She was using it to show the breakdown by age, which clearly shows that older Jews are more attached to Israel and younger ones less.


Great article. But conservative jews need not fear. Zionists Biden or Trump are coming to their rescue.


"These divergent worldviews have a generational dimension. And they aren’t just limited to how Jews think about Iran but, even more importantly, how we think about Israel. Increasingly, American Jews are becoming more vocally critical of Israeli policy and more willing to take action to demand change."

For me this essay is all hearsay and motherhood statements, we cannot accept or believe any of it because it lacks real proof of what Jewry really believe in reference to Palestinians. The World is crying out for action on this problem, created solely by Judaism, what we must have is concrete action, For the Palestinians have been in Purgatory too long already, already.


The word "attached" means many things to many people. More clearly worded polls asking how many support the violent seizure of Palestinian lands for NEW settlements would get a different poll number response.

Or asking how many support PEACE with Iran rather than the spread of wars would also indicate other.

Although age is a factor, there is also a very clear Yin (using diplomacy and seeking compromise) Yang (using violence and macho aggression) divide.

As an example: I can be attached to having my morning cup of coffee. Does that mean I'd go to war over it?


Just curious: I wonder... do you have the same "empathy" for all of the following:

  1. The Syrians bombarded back to the stone age and risking their lives in less than secure vessels as a desperate path out of their country?
  2. The families in Afghanistan that live under the threat of drone killings and noise?
  3. The impoverished Haitians who are yet to have housing after the quake/hurricane... with so much $ that only went to house soldiers not rebuild places for them to live
  4. The people in Yemen being treated as target practice so that the Saudis can try out their latest weapons
  5. The Mexican women whose bodies turn up dead, by the hundreds, along the border... product of serial killings
  6. The Honduran and Guatemalan kids who risked life and limb to make it to the U.S. only to typically meet deportation centers apt to send them back

Israel is guilty of aggression to be sure. But it's fascinating how many ONLY seem to notice the problem when it's done by Jews while whistling past the graveyards caused by others... primarily, their own Anglo-European ancestors who are heavily behind the current stream of Middle East wars.

From Mr. Cockburn's article today (try this on for PERSPECTIVE):

"Such wars are currently being waged in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, south-east Turkey,Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and north-east Nigeria. A few of them began a long time ago, an example being Somalia, where the state collapsed in 1991 and has never been rebuilt, with warlords, extreme jihadis, rival parties and foreign soldiers controlling different parts of the country. But most of these wars started after 2001 and many after 2011. All-out civil war in Yemen only got under way last year, while the Turkish-Kurdish civil war, which has killed 40,000 people since 1984, resumed this July with airstrikes and guerrilla raids."

A bit more than a "Jewish problem" as one can see.

Here is YOUR limited frame:

"The World is crying out for action on this problem, created solely by Judaism, what we must have is concrete action..."


My commentary above to siourose11 speaks directly to, and only to,the horrendous crimes committed by Judaism in the Middle East, that have obviously been supported by International Jewry. The leaders of Jewry have long published their intentions for the Middle East, they have not been secrets. And we have witnessed their intentions coming to pass, exactly as they themselves have foretold it, which means it has all been done with malice afore thought. One cannot help focussing on on all these Jewish crimes, for they have plumbed the depths of human depravity and seek to install Jewery as a master race. We would not be experiencing these great floods of refugees, but for the Jewish intention to establish themselves in a Greater Israel, surrounded by all other Nations that had been destroyed to the point of total disfunction: Iraq, Syria and libya are just the beginnings of the destruction.If you are unable to put all this together, I cannot help you.

As for all the other inhumanity you point to, the answer is yes, I nurse very deep heartfelt sorrow for all of them; however, my commentary was directed at the Jewish crimes against the Palestinians and the complicity of the United States in the facillitation of it, especially in the supply of Arms, ammunition, cluster and phosferous bombs, tanks, guided missiles and Nuclear Weapons, not to mention the billions of dollars in cash support. Would you care to remind me, what, exactly, had the Palestinians done to deserve such crucifixions. :cry:


Well said. You handled that old canard very well; i.e., the deflection of responsibility because there is misery in other places far from Israel-Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala (the latter two being the favourite place for U.S. intervention since at least 1894). Since US Middle East foreign policy is made in Israel, (why the Israeli lobbies are so powerful I do not understand) I tar the US with the same brush because they should know better--injustice by any other name is injustice. The misery in Palestine (which has disappeared from the maps) is not in the mainstream media now but that doesn't mean the situation isn't dire. Weird how countries around Israel are slated for regime change, including Palestine-Gaza, what's left of it:


Please take your 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion' crap elsewhere.

We get enough baseless accusations of anti-Semitism without having actual anti-Semitic morons posting here,

Try Stormfront or somewhere that crap like "..seek to install Jewery as a master race." is welcomed.


Then you do not believe that God chose the Jews to be his "chosen" Race, or that the Jewish books claim that any other born people exist "to serve them or be dead"? It is quite possible that Hitler understood this teaching, and realised there cannot be room for two "Master Races". Also you could go and study the laws and decrees passed into law by Jewish members of Parliament. One of them makes it a crime for a Jew to marry a non-Jew, now I wonder what the purpose of that law is, but I know you will work it out. It is Jewish people that elect the representatives who in turn make the laws and the decisions to crucify The Palestinians, the ability to understand that , and comment on it, does not qualify me as bigot. Calm down, and seek the truth.


Another MK Ultra again????

Why is it the trolls always use some variation of my screen name? Bugs me.

This is also a major climate denier, I see from his mindless older postings. Man's smokestacks and tailpipes have nothing to do with the natural cycles of climate change he says.

But most of his posts are spamming the same singular message. I think he's a single-issue poster. Sounds like another Harvard experiment.


That's the giveaway--this is about Jews and amounts to Antisemitism/Jew hatred.


Could have been taken directly from Stormfront or any other neo-Nazi site. A neo-Nazi Antisemite fishing for leftist supporters.


I just wonder why the Common Dreams moderators fail to respond and leave this Antisemitic crap on the site.


MK Ultra or our old friend HamBaconEggs.

You see the article about Nuke agency deciding not to finish a study about cancer rates near reactors?


Straight Outta Stormfront.


The usual and typical responses about who is or isn't an anti-Semite. Losing the topic from the author related to the age of those who are more or less supportive of the political reality in Israel of who supports the deal made by Obama via Kerry to attempt to avoid a war with Iran via diplomacy rather than bombs.

btw this 80 year old has lived through it all including a late spouse who was a participant as a member of the USAF, delivering weapons sent by Nixon to Golda Meir during the Yom Kippur War. At that time he felt very positive about the future of Israel and was proud of being a part of the mission that was described as one that "saved Israel,"
though later he became very negative about Israel's militarist policies to include the continuing wars against their neighbors and the killing of Palestinians.

One wonders why so many continue to fall for the Netanyahu games on this side of of the Atlantic? On one more personal level, my former son-in-law and his daughter, my granddaughter, who only recently returned from her Bat Mitzvah trip to Israel, are both supporters of Obama and the "deal" with Iran. Perhaps since her father was older when she was born, they represent both older and younger American Jews?

Then over at Counterpunch perhaps could it be Jonathan Cook explains some truth? IMHO it's worth a read.