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The Iran Nuclear Deal: Give Diplomacy a Chance


The Iran Nuclear Deal: Give Diplomacy a Chance

Amy Goodman

A war with Iran would be a catastrophe, yet by opposing diplomacy, hundreds of members of Congress may be blundering into just such a conflict. The Iran nuclear deal, as the complex diplomatic arrangement is popularly called, was agreed upon on July 14 by a consortium of key powerful countries, the European Union and Iran. The goal of the agreement is to limit Iran’s nuclear activities to peaceful purposes, and to block Iran’s ability to construct a nuclear bomb. Despite what its critics say, this agreement is not based on trust.


If the M$M STILL wants WAR with Iran, let them go to it. Just leave the rest of us behind--including the military. That's right M$M, just take your vulgar words of war, cynicism, and hate and take your best shot. (Sorry, Amy, I went there because you remind me of what media are supposed to be.)


Peace would be worse; people getting along, cats and dogs sleeping together, the stock market turning a reasonable profit.

The Horror, The Horror.


But sanctions are working so well.

The opposition to the deal centers on misconstrued details and unsubstantiated assertions that a better deal is possible. The opposition is driven by Israel. Netanyahu thought it was important enough to snub Obama and make his case against the deal before the U.S. Congress. Why? Because Netanyahu wants regime change in Iran. To him anything that makes Iran economically stronger is just strengthening an enemy. He doesn't want a diplomatic solution, he wants a military one.

No deal tied to the lifting of sanctions will ever be good enough for Netanyahu, Quibbling over the details is just a way to avoid making that clear.

As Amy Goodman noted, there's a good chance the rest of the world will continue with the deal even if the U.S. bows out. So even if the deal's opponents win in Congress, they and Netanyahu have probably already lost. The rest of the world will be trading with Iran and U.S. companies will be excluded.

The deal makes sense. Obviously inspections/monitoring are better than none. So why do so many in Congress oppose it?


I agree.
Netanyahu and his neocons in the interests of Israel pushed for war against Iraq,for action against Syria and now its Iran's turn..
Netanyahu uses the neocons in Washington and the US media as leverage to manipulate and control US decisions and so sacrifice US power, lives, and treasure in the service of Israel.


If the neo-con BASTARDS manage to foment war and renege on this treaty, I, for one, don't want to hear the forum apologists for the military state frame the matter as WE started another war!

THIS is what many of that WE believe in... in the place of war:

"On Wednesday, U.S.-based groups organized more than 225 public demonstrations at the offices of members of Congress, in a “No War With Iran” National Day of Action. Shourd joined scores of other prominent women, among them Gloria Steinem, Alice Walker, Jane Fonda and peace activist Medea Benjamin, under the banner of Codepink, declaring, “Women support the Iran nuclear deal; we say no to war and YES to diplomacy.”


The Iran nuclear deal is in best interest of everybody, accept Israel, and Israel's small group of supporters in the US. There are a few members of congress that always support Israel no matter what. The rest of the supporters of Israel are getting campaign contributions or are afraid of the strong Israel lobby. We need to demand that our representatives represent our interests before the interests of a foreign country.


Because the billionaire 0.001% who pay their freight tells them to. They know who butters their bread.


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Bingo! Bingo!


Amy Goodman is nowhere near naive. "Democracy Now" is the most accurate and progressive news program available.